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overview My laboratory is interested in T cell responses in settings of transplantation, autoimmunity and cancer, with an emphasis on mouse models and emerging extensions onto clinical translation. A main focus of the laboratory is on T cell tolerance in transplantation and how infections and inflammatory events can affect induction or maintenance of tolerance. We have found that transplantation tolerance can exist at different levels of robustness based on the number of mechanisms of T cell tolerance that are engaged, and that infections or inflammation can erode such tolerance. The impact of bacterial infections on transplant outcomes has led us to discover that the microbiota also influences immune responses to transplanted organs and can be manipulated to prolong graft survival. Our clinical studies have focused on the immunology of transplant recipients and of patients infected with the bacteria that influence transplant outcomes and, collaboratively, we have explored the involvement of the microbiota in the responsiveness of melanoma patients to immunotherapy.

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Academic Article Commensal microbiota determine intestinal iTreg.
Academic Article The microbiota, the immune system and the allograft.
Academic Article The influence of the microbiota on the immune response to transplantation.
Academic Article The interplay between the intestinal microbiota and the immune system.
Academic Article Commensal Bifidobacterium promotes antitumor immunity and facilitates anti-PD-L1 efficacy.
Academic Article Germ Warfare.
Academic Article The composition of the microbiota modulates allograft rejection.
Academic Article Antigen Presentation in Transplantation.
Academic Article The commensal microbiome is associated with anti-PD-1 efficacy in metastatic melanoma patients.
Academic Article Gut microbes contribute to variation in solid organ transplant outcomes in mice.
Academic Article Gut Microbiota Can Impact Chronic Murine Lung Allograft Rejection.
Academic Article Harnessing the commensal microbiota to improve immune responses.
Academic Article Mouse microbiomes: overlooked culprits of experimental variability.
Grant Impact of Microbiota on Alloimmune Responses in Transplantation
Grant The microbiota and allograft rejection: novel investigations into the consequences of obesity
Academic Article Skin-restricted commensal colonization accelerates skin graft rejection.
Academic Article Impact of the microbiota on solid organ transplant rejection.
Academic Article Urinary microbiome associated with chronic allograft dysfunction in kidney transplant recipients.
Academic Article Can Diet Induce Transplantation Tolerance?
Academic Article Metabolomic profiling reveals clinically relevant microbiota-linked metabolites.
Academic Article Influence of the microbiome on solid organ transplant survival.

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