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Concept Pharmacogenetics
Academic Article Cancer pharmacoethnicity: ethnic differences in susceptibility to the effects of chemotherapy.
Academic Article Population differences in platinum toxicity as a means to identify novel genetic susceptibility variants.
Academic Article Heritable and non-genetic factors as variables of pharmacologic phenotypes in lymphoblastoid cell lines.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomics in early-phase oncology clinical trials: is there a sweet spot in phase II?
Academic Article Bladder cancer pharmacogenomics: recent insights and future perspectives.
Academic Article The 1200 patients project: creating a new medical model system for clinical implementation of pharmacogenomics.
Academic Article Germline pharmacogenomics in oncology: decoding the patient for targeting therapy.
Academic Article Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies variants associated with platinating agent susceptibility across populations.
Academic Article Institutional Profile: University of Chicago Center for Personalized Therapeutics: research, education and implementation science.
Academic Article Adoption of a clinical pharmacogenomics implementation program during outpatient care--initial results of the University of Chicago "1,200 Patients Project".
Academic Article Establishment of CYP2D6 reference samples by multiple validated genotyping platforms.
Academic Article Unleashing the power of preemptive pharmacogenomics.
Academic Article Evidence for Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenomics in Cardiac Drugs.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomics and cardiology: improving treatment with existing drugs.
Academic Article The Outlier in All of Us: Why Implementing Pharmacogenomics Could Matter for Everyone.
Academic Article Disease-drug database for pharmacogenomic-based prescribing.
Academic Article Patient Perceptions of Care as Influenced by a Large Institutional Pharmacogenomic Implementation Program.
Academic Article The Pharmacogenomics Research Network Translational Pharmacogenetics Program: Outcomes and Metrics of Pharmacogenetic Implementations Across Diverse Healthcare Systems.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomics-Based Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support Significantly Alters Drug Prescribing.
Academic Article Analyzing the clinical actionability of germline pharmacogenomic findings in oncology.
Academic Article Simplifying the use of pharmacogenomics in clinical practice: Building the genomic prescribing system.
Academic Article Assessment of provider-perceived barriers to clinical use of pharmacogenomics during participation in an institutional implementation study.
Academic Article Analysis of comprehensive pharmacogenomic profiling to impact in-hospital prescribing.
Academic Article The ACCOuNT Consortium: A Model for the Discovery, Translation, and Implementation of Precision Medicine in African Americans.
Academic Article Patient-provider communications about pharmacogenomic results increase patient recall of medication changes.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomic considerations for medications in the perioperative setting.
Academic Article The ImPreSS Trial: Implementation of Point-of-Care Pharmacogenomic Decision Support in Perioperative Care.
Academic Article Assessment of Patient Knowledge and Perceptions of Pharmacogenomics Before and After Using a Mock Results Patient Web Portal.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomic genotypes define genetic ancestry in patients and enable population-specific genomic implementation.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomic-Based Decision Support to Predict Adherence to Medications.
Academic Article Incorporating preemptive pharmacogenomic testing into the clinical setting.
Academic Article Patient insights on features of an effective pharmacogenomics patient portal.
Academic Article Impact and applicability of pharmacogenomics in rheumatology: an integrated analysis.
Academic Article Validation of a Large Custom-Designed Pharmacogenomics Panel on an Array Genotyping Platform.
Academic Article Appraisal and development of evidence-based clinical decision support to enable perioperative pharmacogenomic application.
Academic Article Impact of CYP2D6 Pharmacogenomic Status on Pain Control Among Opioid-Treated Oncology Patients.
Academic Article Creation of a pharmacogenomics patient portal complementary to an existing institutional provider-facing clinical decision support system.
Academic Article Anesthesia providers as stakeholders to adoption of pharmacogenomic information in perioperative care.
Academic Article Underrepresented patient views and perceptions of personalized medication treatment through pharmacogenomics.
Academic Article Clinically actionable genotypes for anticancer prescribing among >1500 patients with pharmacogenomic testing.
Academic Article Pilot Findings of Pharmacogenomics in Perioperative Care: Initial Results From the First Phase of the ImPreSS Trial.
Academic Article Modern developments in germline pharmacogenomics for oncology prescribing.
Academic Article Implementation of pharmacogenomics into inpatient general medicine.
Academic Article Implementation of pharmacogenomics testing for precision medicine.
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