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Academic Article Ring finger protein 43 as a new target for cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Identification of a novel tumor-associated antigen, cadherin 3/P-cadherin, as a possible target for immunotherapy of pancreatic, gastric, and colorectal cancers.
Academic Article Proliferation potential-related protein, an ideal esophageal cancer antigen for immunotherapy, identified using complementary DNA microarray analysis.
Academic Article Combined immunotherapy with low-dose IL-2 plus IFN-alpha for metastatic renal cell carcinoma: survival benefit for selected patients with lung metastasis and serum sodium level.
Academic Article [A phase I study of combination-therapy with gemcitabine and epitope peptides derived from human vascular endothelial growth factor receptor for unresectable or recurrent pancreas cancer].
Academic Article Wnt inhibitor Dickkopf-1 as a target for passive cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Identification of promiscuous KIF20A long peptides bearing both CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell epitopes: KIF20A-specific CD4+ T-cell immunity in patients with malignant tumor.
Academic Article Cancer vaccines.
Academic Article [Phase I study of combination therapy with peptide vaccine and anti-cancer drug for colorectal cancer].
Academic Article Identification of immunoglobulin superfamily 11 (IGSF11) as a novel target for cancer immunotherapy of gastrointestinal and hepatocellular carcinomas.
Academic Article Identification of secernin 1 as a novel immunotherapy target for gastric cancer using the expression profiles of cDNA microarray.
Academic Article Identification of SPARC as a candidate target antigen for immunotherapy of various cancers.
Academic Article Isolation of LEM domain-containing 1, a novel testis-specific gene expressed in colorectal cancers.
Academic Article Identification of human leukocyte antigen-A24-restricted epitope peptides derived from gene products upregulated in lung and esophageal cancers as novel targets for immunotherapy.
Academic Article Importance of immunopharmacogenomics in cancer treatment: Patient selection and monitoring for immune checkpoint antibodies.
Academic Article Eradication of Large Solid Tumors by Gene Therapy with a T-Cell Receptor Targeting a Single Cancer-Specific Point Mutation.
Academic Article The forkhead box M1 transcription factor as a candidate of target for anti-cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Cancer Precision Medicine: From Cancer Screening to Drug Selection and Personalized Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Induction of Neoantigen-Specific Cytotoxic T Cells and Construction of T-cell Receptor-Engineered T Cells for Ovarian Cancer.
Academic Article A phase I clinical trial of RNF43 peptide-related immune cell therapy combined with low-dose cyclophosphamide in patients with advanced solid tumors.
Academic Article Immunotherapy with cancer peptides in combination with intravesical bacillus Calmette-Guerin for patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.
Academic Article Phase I Study of Multiple Epitope Peptide Vaccination in Patients With Recurrent or Persistent Cervical Cancer.
Academic Article The era of immunogenomics/immunopharmacogenomics.
Academic Article Immunopharmacogenomics towards personalized cancer immunotherapy targeting neoantigens.
Academic Article Characterization of the B-cell receptor repertoires in peanut allergic subjects undergoing oral immunotherapy.
Academic Article Identification of neoantigen-specific T cells and their targets: implications for immunotherapy of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
Academic Article The road map of cancer precision medicine with the innovation of advanced cancer detection technology and personalized immunotherapy.
Academic Article Intranodal Administration of Neoantigen Peptide-loaded Dendritic Cell Vaccine Elicits Epitope-specific T Cell Responses and Clinical Effects in a Patient with Chemorefractory Ovarian Cancer with Malignant Ascites.
Academic Article Phase II Adjuvant Cancer-specific Vaccine Therapy for Esophageal Cancer Patients Curatively Resected After Preoperative Therapy With Pathologically Positive Nodes; Possible Significance of Tumor Immune Microenvironment in its Clinical Effects.
Academic Article Anti-cancer immunotherapy using cancer-derived multiple epitope-peptides cocktail vaccination clinical studies in patients with refractory/persistent disease of uterine cervical cancer and ovarian cancer [phase 2].
Academic Article Generation of neoantigen-specific T cells for adoptive cell transfer for treating head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Immunogenomics in personalized cancer treatments.
Academic Article Efficacy of Intranodal Neoantigen Peptide-pulsed Dendritic Cell Vaccine Monotherapy in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors: A Retrospective Analysis.
Academic Article Personalized immunotherapy in cancer precision medicine.
Academic Article Precision Medicine for Colorectal Cancer with Liquid Biopsy and Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Lymphocytes in tumor-draining lymph nodes co-cultured with autologous tumor cells for adoptive cell therapy.
Academic Article One CD4+TCR and One CD8+TCR Targeting Autochthonous Neoantigens Are Essential and Sufficient for Tumor Eradication.
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