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Concept Precision Medicine
Academic Article Pharmacogenomics and patient care: one size does not fit all.
Academic Article Toward the establishment of a prediction system for the personalized treatment of chronic hepatitis C.
Academic Article Selective estrogen receptor modulators and pharmacogenomic variation in ZNF423 regulation of BRCA1 expression: individualized breast cancer prevention.
Academic Article Institutional Profile: University of Chicago Center for Personalized Therapeutics: research, education and implementation science.
Academic Article Cancer Precision Medicine: From Cancer Screening to Drug Selection and Personalized Immunotherapy.
Academic Article Cross-sectional analysis of BioBank Japan clinical data: A large cohort of 200,000 patients with 47 common diseases.
Academic Article Overview of the BioBank Japan Project: Study design and profile.
Academic Article Immunopharmacogenomics towards personalized cancer immunotherapy targeting neoantigens.
Academic Article Breast cancer: The translation of big genomic data to cancer precision medicine.
Academic Article The road map of cancer precision medicine with the innovation of advanced cancer detection technology and personalized immunotherapy.
Academic Article Immunogenomics in personalized cancer treatments.
Academic Article Personalized immunotherapy in cancer precision medicine.
Academic Article Integrative cancer genomics in the era of precision cancer medicine.
Academic Article Precision Medicine for Colorectal Cancer with Liquid Biopsy and Immunotherapy.
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