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overview Diane S. Lauderdale is Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences. She is an epidemiologist whose research examines how behavioral and social factors influence health. Recent work has focused on sleep as a behavioral risk factor. This work includes studies of how people’s perceptions of sleep duration and disruption are related to objective sleep measures, studies of how social factors such as social connectedness and loneliness relate to sleep, and studies of how both sleep perceptions and objective measures are associated with health outcomes, including coronary artery disease, obesity, mortality, cortisol levels, and sensory perception. She found marked racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities in objective sleep duration and disruption among middle aged adults and demonstrated that self-reported sleep duration is systematically biased relative to objective measures. She has also carried out a series of studies about the health of immigrants to the United States. These includes studies of mortality, pre-immigration influence on late-life health, ethnic enclave variation in health behaviors, and discrimination effects on health. In this area, she demonstrated that Arab American women who gave birth in the months following 9/11, a period of unprecedented violence and discrimination for this group, had worse birth outcomes than similar women giving birth a year earlier, a difference not seen for other racial and ethnic groups. This study provided new evidence of stress effects on birth outcomes. She directs the University of Chicago's new MPH program and also the MS for Clinical Professionals (MSCP) in Public Health Sciences, a degree program that prepares clinicians to carry out research in clinical epidemiology and health services research.
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Academic Article Birth outcomes for Arabic-named women in California before and after September 11.
Academic Article Improving in-hospital cardiac arrest process and outcomes with performance debriefing.
Academic Article Validation of an Arab name algorithm in the determination of Arab ancestry for use in health research.
Academic Article Hospitalizations for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: how you count matters.
Academic Article Differential access to digital communication technology: association with health and health survey recruitment within an African-American underserviced urban population.
Academic Article Rising preterm birth rates, 1989-2004: changing demographics or changing obstetric practice?
Academic Article Internal validation of Medicare claims data.
Academic Article Epidemiologic uses of Medicare data.
Academic Article A comparison of four prenatal care indices in birth outcome models: comparable results for predicting small-for-gestational-age outcome but different results for preterm birth or infant mortality.
Academic Article Medically induced preterm birth and the associations between prenatal care and infant mortality.
Award or Honor Receipt President, Society for Epidemiologic Research
Academic Article Initiation of treatment for incident diabetes: evidence from the electronic health records in an ambulatory care setting.
Academic Article Ectopic pregnancy morbidity and mortality in low-income women, 2004-2008.
Academic Article Invited Commentary: The Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting-Room to Improve Gender Equity.
Grant Modeling MRSA in the Community
Grant Enhancing Sleep and Physical Activity Measurement in the HRS Family of Studies
Grant Social relationships, economic shocks, sleep and wellbeing among older adults
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