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overview Dr. Laiteerapong is Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Director of Clinical Outcomes for the Center for Chronic Disease Research and Policy, and Director of Primary Care-Behavioral Health Integration in the Section of General Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine with a secondary appointment in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago. She is an NIMHD/AHRQ-funded health services and outcomes researcher, board-certified internist and clinical informatician who studies translational questions at the intersection of diabetes, mental health, and individualized care. Much of her research and informatics work has focused on implementing system-level interventions in and outside of the electronic health record for how increasing the provision of and access to mental health care in primary care and other settings. She also dedicates a portion of her effort towards improving health disparities and advocating for better quality of life for clinicians.

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Academic Article The public health implications of the cost-effectiveness of bariatric surgery for diabetes.
Academic Article Health care reform and chronic diseases: anticipating the health consequences.
Academic Article Correlates of quality of life in older adults with diabetes: the diabetes & aging study.
Academic Article The neighborhood health exchange: developing a community partnership in residency.
Academic Article A resident-led quality improvement initiative to improve obesity screening.
Academic Article Public health implications of recommendations to individualize glycemic targets in adults with diabetes.
Academic Article Does a higher frequency of difficult patient encounters lead to lower quality care?
Academic Article Ethnic differences in quality of life in insured older adults with diabetes mellitus in an integrated delivery system.
Academic Article Health care utilization and receipt of preventive care for patients seen at federally funded health centers compared to other sites of primary care.
Academic Article Association between estimated GFR, health-related quality of life, and depression among older adults with diabetes: the Diabetes and Aging Study.
Academic Article Revisiting Disparities in Quality of Care Among US Adults With Diabetes in the Era of Individualized Care, NHANES 2007-2010.
Award or Honor Receipt Best Fellow Abstract in Health Services Research
Academic Article Ethnic Differences in Geriatric Conditions and Diabetes Complications Among Older, Insured Adults With Diabetes: The Diabetes and Aging Study.
Academic Article The pace of change in medical practice and health policy: collision or coexistence?
Academic Article Strategies for improving cardiovascular health in women with diabetes mellitus: a review of the evidence.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act and Diabetes Diagnosis and Care: Exploring the Potential Impacts.
Academic Article Patients' Future Expectations for Diabetes and Hypertension Treatments: "Through the Diet… I Think This is Going to Go Away."
Academic Article Health Care Use and Spending for Medicaid Enrollees in Federally Qualified Health Centers Versus Other Primary Care Settings.
Academic Article Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Screening Between Asian Americans and Other Adults: BRFSS 2012-2014.
Academic Article Physician perspectives on de-intensifying diabetes medications.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of gastric band surgery for overweight but not obese adults with type 2 diabetes in the U.S.
Academic Article Impact of Medical Scribes on Physician and Patient Satisfaction in Primary Care.
Academic Article Measuring Perceived Level of Integration During the Process of Primary Care Behavioral Health Implementation.
Academic Article Impact of Work Conditions and Minority Patient Populations on Quality and Errors.
Academic Article Computer Modeling of Diabetes and Its Transparency: A Report on the Eighth Mount Hood Challenge.
Academic Article Validation of the Computerized Adaptive Test for Mental Health in Primary Care.
Academic Article The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion on Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment: A National Survey of Physicians.
Academic Article Depression in Emergency Department Patients and Association With Health Care Utilization.
Grant Linking the Legacy Effect in Type 2 Diabetes to Clinical Decision Making
Grant Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research
Grant Patient Outcomes Reporting for Timely Assessments of Life with Depression: PORTAL-Depression
Grant Predicting and Reducing Future Health Disparities for U.S. Adults with Diabetes
Grant Determinants of Quality of Life in Elderly Adults with Diabetes
Academic Article Improving Shared Decision Making For Asian American Pacific Islander Sexual and Gender Minorities.
Academic Article Addiction Treatment Capacity in Health Centers: The Role of Medicaid Reimbursement and Targeted Grant Funding.
Academic Article Alternative type 2 diabetes screening tests may reduce the number of U.S. adults with undiagnosed diabetes.
Academic Article Use of Report Cards to Increase Primary Care Physician Depression Screening.
Academic Article The Productivity Requirements of Implementing a Medical Scribe Program.
Academic Article Health economic analyses of the justice community opioid innovation network (JCOIN).
Academic Article Analyzing Medical Guideline Dissemination Behaviors Using Culturally Infused Agent Based Modeling Framework.
Academic Article Integration of Diabetes and Depression Care Is Associated with Glucose Control in Midwestern Federally Qualified Health Centers.
Academic Article Improving Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration in an Academic Internal Medicine Practice: 2-Year Follow-Up.
Academic Article Impact of a medical scribe on clinical efficiency and quality in an academic general internal medicine practice.
Academic Article Medical Assistant Protocol Improves Disparities in Depression Screening Rates.
Academic Article Integration of primary care and behavioral health services in midwestern community health centers: A mixed methods study.
Academic Article Elements of Integrated Behavioral Health Associated with Primary Care Provider Confidence in Managing Depression at Community Health Centers.

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