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Concept Terminal Care
Academic Article Do the ward notes reflect the quality of end-of-life care?
Academic Article End-of-life care.
Academic Article The timing of do-not-resuscitate orders and hospital costs.
Academic Article Responding to intractable terminal suffering.
Academic Article Death and human dignity.
Academic Article Discussing religious and spiritual issues at the end of life: a practical guide for physicians.
Academic Article At wit's end: forgiveness, dignity, and the care of the dying.
Academic Article Addressing the religious and spiritual needs of dying patients.
Academic Article Palliative treatment of last resort and assisted suicide.
Academic Article Publication of papers on assisted suicide and terminal sedation.
Academic Article Life-sustaining treatments: what do physicians want and do they express their wishes to others?
Academic Article Family health care decision making and self-efficacy with patients with ALS at the end of life.
Academic Article Development and validation of the Family Decision-Making Self-Efficacy Scale.
Academic Article When patients lack capacity: the roles that patients with terminal diagnoses would choose for their physicians and loved ones in making medical decisions.
Academic Article Family understanding of seriously-ill patient preferences for family involvement in healthcare decision making.
Academic Article Approaching patients and family members who hope for a miracle.
Academic Article U.S. medical students' perceptions of the adequacy of their schools' curricular attention to care at the end of life: 1998-2006.
Academic Article Knowledge, confidence, and attitudes regarding medical ethics: how do faculty and housestaff compare?
Academic Article Managed care and managed death.
Academic Article Decision-making in patients with advanced cancer compared with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Academic Article Futility and the varieties of medical judgment.
Academic Article Sedation, alimentation, hydration, and equivocation: careful conversation about care at the end of life.
Academic Article A scale for measuring patient perceptions of the quality of end-of-life care and satisfaction with treatment: the reliability and validity of QUEST.
Academic Article A biopsychosocial-spiritual model for the care of patients at the end of life.
Academic Article Within you/without you: biotechnology, ontology, and ethics.
Academic Article Dignity in end-of-life care: results of a national survey of U.S. physicians.
Academic Article Ethos, mythos, and thanatos: spirituality and ethics at the end of life.
Academic Article Eleanor Roosevelt's last days: a bioethical case study.
Academic Article Ethical considerations for turning off pacemakers and defibrillators.
Academic Article Symptoms and fear in heart failure patients approaching end of life: a mixed methods study.
Academic Article Recommendations to Surrogates at the End of Life: A Critical Narrative Review of the Empirical Literature and a Normative Analysis.
Academic Article Physician-Assisted Suicide: Why Neutrality by Organized Medicine Is Neither Neutral Nor Appropriate.
Academic Article Sedation and care at the end of life.
Academic Article The Views of Clergy Regarding Ethical Controversies in Care at the End of Life.
Academic Article The Trial of Ascertaining Individual Preferences for Loved Ones' Role in End-of-Life Decisions (TAILORED) Study: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Surrogate Decision Making.
Academic Article Decision-Making of Patients With Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators at End of Life: Family Members' Experiences.
Academic Article Death and dignity in Catholic Christian thought.
Academic Article End-of-life practices: An ethical framework for clinicians.
Academic Article Addressing Challenges With Sedation in End-of-Life Care.
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