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overview Our research focuses on the cortical basis of motor control and learning. We are investigating what features of motor behavior are encoded and how this information is represented in the collective activity of large neuronal ensembles in the motor, premotor, and somatosensory cortices. We are also interested in what way these representations change as motor learning occurs. Our approach has been to simultaneously record neural activity from large groups of neurons using multi-electrode arrays while performing detailed kinematic, kinetic, and muscle measurements of goal-directed, motor behaviors, and to develop mathematical models that relate neural activity with behavior. These mathematical models provide insights as to what aspects of motor behavior are being encoded in cortical neurons, but also can be used to decipher or “decode” neural activity in order to predict movement which has practical implications for brain-machine interface development. Ultimately, this research may lead to neural prosthetic technologies that will allow people with spinal cord injury, ALS, or amputation to use brain signals to voluntarily control a device so as to interact with the world.
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Concept Motor Neurons
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Academic Article Coupling the neural and physical dynamics in rhythmic movements.
Academic Article The many ways of building collision-sensitive neurons.
Academic Article Information about movement direction obtained from synchronous activity of motor cortical neurons.
Academic Article Excess synchrony in motor cortical neurons provides redundant direction information with that from coarse temporal measures.
Academic Article Robustness of neuroprosthetic decoding algorithms.
Academic Article Sequential movement representations based on correlated neuronal activity.
Academic Article Elementary computation of object approach by wide-field visual neuron.
Academic Article Evidence against a single coordinate system representation in the motor cortex.
Academic Article Superlinear population encoding of dynamic hand trajectory in primary motor cortex.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal tuning of motor cortical neurons for hand position and velocity.
Academic Article Congruent activity during action and action observation in motor cortex.
Academic Article Observation-based learning for brain-machine interfaces.
Academic Article Exploiting multiple sensory modalities in brain-machine interfaces.
Academic Article Single-unit stability using chronically implanted multielectrode arrays.
Academic Article Columnar organization in the motor cortex.
Academic Article The science of neural interface systems.
Academic Article Fast and slow oscillations in human primary motor cortex predict oncoming behaviorally relevant cues.
Academic Article Estimating the directed information to infer causal relationships in ensemble neural spike train recordings.
Academic Article Coordinate system representations of movement direction in the premotor cortex.
Academic Article Incorporating feedback from multiple sensory modalities enhances brain-machine interface control.
Academic Article Conditional modeling and the jitter method of spike resampling.
Academic Article Statistical assessment of the stability of neural movement representations.
Academic Article Information transfer between neurons in the motor cortex triggered by visual cues.
Academic Article Synthesizing complex movement fragment representations from motor cortical ensembles.
Academic Article The problem of parametric neural coding in the motor system.
Academic Article Sensing with the motor cortex.
Academic Article Hysteresis reduction in proprioception using presynaptic shunting inhibition.
Academic Article Functional connectivity and tuning curves in populations of simultaneously recorded neurons.
Academic Article Neural discharge and local field potential oscillations in primate motor cortex during voluntary movements.
Academic Article Neuronal interactions improve cortical population coding of movement direction.
Academic Article Representations based on neuronal interactions in motor cortex.
Academic Article Instant neural control of a movement signal.
Academic Article Microelectrode array fabrication by electrical discharge machining and chemical etching.
Academic Article Multiplication and stimulus invariance in a looming-sensitive neuron.
Academic Article Template-based spike pattern identification with linear convolution and dynamic time warping.
Academic Article Encoding of movement fragments in the motor cortex.
Academic Article Encoding of coordinated grasp trajectories in primary motor cortex.
Academic Article Granger causality analysis of functional connectivity of spiking neurons in orofacial motor cortex during chewing and swallowing.
Academic Article Directional information from neuronal ensembles in the primate orofacial sensorimotor cortex.
Academic Article Consideration of the functional relationship between cortex and motor periphery improves offline decoding performance.
Academic Article Differences in motor cortical representations of kinematic variables between action observation and action execution and implications for brain-machine interfaces.
Academic Article Ultra-long term stability of single units using chronically implanted multielectrode arrays.
Academic Article Motor cortex microcircuits.
Academic Article Modulation dynamics in the orofacial sensorimotor cortex during motor skill acquisition.
Academic Article Large-scale spatiotemporal spike patterning consistent with wave propagation in motor cortex.
Academic Article Neural coordination during reach-to-grasp.
Academic Article Causal network in a deafferented non-human primate brain.
Academic Article Recurrence network analysis of multiple local field potential bands from the orofacial portion of primary motor cortex.
Academic Article Comparing offline decoding performance in physiologically defined neuronal classes.
Academic Article Similarity in Neuronal Firing Regimes across Mammalian Species.
Academic Article Spatio-Temporal Patterning in Primary Motor Cortex at Movement Onset.
Academic Article Encoding of Both Reaching and Grasping Kinematics in Dorsal and Ventral Premotor Cortices.
Academic Article Local field potentials primarily reflect inhibitory neuron activity in human and monkey cortex.
Academic Article Properties of primary motor cortical local field potentials in the leg and trunk representations during arm movements.
Academic Article Nonmonotonic spatial structure of interneuronal correlations in prefrontal microcircuits.
Academic Article Primary sensorimotor cortex exhibits complex dependencies of spike-field coherence on neuronal firing rates, field power, and behavior.
Academic Article Changes in cortical network connectivity with long-term brain-machine interface exposure after chronic amputation.
Academic Article Movement Decomposition in the Primary Motor Cortex.
Academic Article Emergent coordination underlying learning to reach to grasp with a brain-machine interface.
Academic Article Postural Representations of the Hand in the Primate Sensorimotor Cortex.
Academic Article Propagating Motor Cortical Dynamics Facilitate Movement Initiation.
Academic Article Neural population dynamics in motor cortex are different for reach and grasp.
Academic Article Chronic wireless neural population recordings with common marmosets.
Academic Article Interplay between external inputs and recurrent dynamics during movement preparation and execution in a network model of motor cortex.
Academic Article Dynamic structure of motor cortical neuron coactivity carries behaviorally relevant information.
Academic Article Microstimulation of human somatosensory cortex evokes task-dependent, spatially patterned responses in motor cortex.
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