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Concept Catheterization, Central Venous
Academic Article A technique for inserting inadvertently removed tunneled hemodialysis catheters using existing subcutaneous tracts.
Academic Article Are routine chest radiographs necessary after image-guided placement of internal jugular central venous access devices?
Academic Article Interventional radiologic placement of chest wall ports: use of the internal jugular vein approach.
Academic Article Radiologic placement of subcutaneous infusion chest ports for long-term central venous access.
Academic Article Radiologic placement of long-term hemodialysis catheters in occluded jugular or subclavian veins or through patent thyrocervical collateral veins.
Academic Article Exchange of poorly functioning tunneled permanent hemodialysis catheters.
Academic Article Reinsertion of accidentally removed tunneled central venous catheter via the existing subcutaneous tract.
Academic Article Radiologic versus bedside placement of peripherally inserted central catheters.
Academic Article Radiologic placement of implantable chest ports in pediatric patients.
Academic Article Diagnostic and interventional radiology in central venous access.
Academic Article Subcutaneous chest ports via the internal jugular vein. A retrospective study of 117 oncology patients.
Academic Article Re: Use of an Amplatz Goose Neck Snare as a target for collateral neck vein dialysis catheter placement.
Academic Article Transhepatic guidance of translumbar hemodialysis catheter placement in the setting of chronic infrarenal IVC occlusion.
Academic Article Techniques used for difficult retrievals of the G√ľnther Tulip inferior vena cava filter: experience in 32 patients.
Academic Article Experience with tunneled femoral hemodialysis catheters.
Academic Article Central venous access: a primer for the diagnostic radiologist.
Academic Article Difficult OptEase filter retrievals after prolonged indwelling times.
Academic Article Dual-lumen chest port infection rates in patients with head and neck cancer.
Academic Article Clinical predictors of port infections within the first 30 days of placement.
Academic Article Central venous catheters: incidence and predictive factors of venous thrombosis.

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