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overview My lab works in two model systems: the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and the emerging model Cnidarian Clytia hemisphaerica. In Arabidopsis, we are studying long distance signaling via the phloem. While it is known that a complex and dynamic array of signals move through the phloem, the identity and function of these signals is still largely unknown. In unpublished work we have developed a novel system for isolating phloem sap for analysis of protein signaling molecules. Our goal is to determine mechanism for modulation of phloem signaling molecules in response to environmental cues. In Clytia, we have recently started a new project to understand wound healing and regeneration. Regenerative capabilities in Cnidarians are second only to plants. We have found that epithelial healing is at least 100x faster in Cnidarians that in other model systems, and can be visualized at high resolution in this transparent marine animal. Current work focuses on characterizing wound healing processes and developing tools for genome editing.

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