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Academic Article Acute effects of triazolam in women: relationships with progesterone, estradiol and allopregnanolone.
Academic Article Interaction of expectancy and the pharmacological effects of d-amphetamine: subjective effects and self-administration.
Academic Article Subjective and behavioral responses to intravenous fentanyl in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Acute effects of d-amphetamine during the follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle in women.
Academic Article Non-specific effect of naltrexone on ethanol consumption in social drinkers.
Academic Article Effects of ethanol at four phases of the menstrual cycle.
Academic Article Acute doses of d-amphetamine and bupropion increase cigarette smoking.
Academic Article Comparison of the subjective effects of Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol and marijuana in humans.
Academic Article The reinstatement model of drug relapse: history, methodology and major findings.
Academic Article Effects of stress on responses to methamphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Moderate doses of ethanol fail to increase plasma levels of neurosteroid 3alpha-hydroxy-5alpha-pregnan-20-one-like immunoreactivity in healthy men and women.
Academic Article Subjective, behavioral, and physiological effects of acute caffeine in light, nondependent caffeine users.
Academic Article Differential effects of nicotine on alcohol consumption in men and women.
Academic Article Effects of morphine and naltrexone on impulsive decision making in rats.
Academic Article Challenges for translational psychopharmacology research--some basic principles.
Academic Article Further evidence of association between amphetamine response and SLC6A2 gene variants.
Academic Article Effects of MDMA on sociability and neural response to social threat and social reward.
Academic Article Genetics of caffeine consumption and responses to caffeine.
Academic Article More on ADORA.
Academic Article Incentive motivation, conditioning, stress, and neuropsychiatric disorders: a tribute to Jane Stewart.
Academic Article Psychoactive drugs and false memory: comparison of dextroamphetamine and d-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on false recognition.
Academic Article Balanced placebo design with marijuana: pharmacological and expectancy effects on impulsivity and risk taking.
Academic Article Hormonal, cardiovascular, and subjective responses to acute stress in smokers.
Academic Article Subjective and behavioral effects of diazepam depend on its rate of onset.
Academic Article Effect of setting on the reinforcing and subjective effects of ethanol in social drinkers.
Academic Article Assessing pentobarbital preference in normal volunteers using a cumulative dosing procedure.
Academic Article Effect of social stress during acute nicotine abstinence.
Academic Article Effect of d-amphetamine on post-error slowing in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Preference for ethanol and diazepam in light and moderate social drinkers: a within-subjects study.
Academic Article Acute hydrocortisone administration does not affect subjective responses to d-amphetamine in humans.
Academic Article Effects of amphetamine on reactivity to emotional stimuli.
Academic Article Psychopharmacology of theobromine in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article The drug effects questionnaire: psychometric support across three drug types.
Academic Article Pre-encoding administration of amphetamine or THC preferentially modulates emotional memory in humans.
Academic Article In the company of others: social factors alter acute alcohol effects.
Academic Article MDMA: a social drug in a social context.
Academic Article MDMA alters emotional processing and facilitates positive social interaction.
Academic Article MDMA effects consistent across laboratories.
Academic Article Effects of oxycodone on brain responses to emotional images.
Academic Article Multivariate analysis of subjective responses to d-amphetamine in healthy volunteers finds novel genetic pathway associations.
Academic Article Interrelationships among parental family history of substance misuse, delay discounting, and personal substance use.
Academic Article Emotional traits predict individual differences in amphetamine-induced positive mood in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Editorial: Reporting guidelines for psychopharmacology.
Academic Article Extinction of Conditioned Responses to Methamphetamine-Associated Stimuli in Healthy Humans.
Academic Article The latent structure of impulsivity: impulsive choice, impulsive action, and impulsive personality traits.
Academic Article MDMA does not alter responses to the Trier Social Stress Test in humans.
Academic Article Special issue: recognizing the lifetime scientific contributions of Athina Markou.
Academic Article Psychedelics and related drugs: therapeutic possibilities, mechanisms and regulation.
Academic Article Considering the context: social factors in responses to drugs in humans.
Academic Article Sweet taste liking is associated with subjective response to amphetamine in women but not men.
Academic Article Effects of methamphetamine on neural responses to visual stimuli.
Academic Article The gut microbiome in psychopharmacology and psychiatry.
Academic Article Subjective responses to amphetamine in young adults with previous mood elevation experiences.
Academic Article Poor inhibitory control is associated with greater stimulation and less sedation following alcohol.

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