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Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
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Concept Diabetes, Gestational
Concept Diabetes Complications
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Academic Article Human, rodent, and canine pancreatic beta-cells express a sodium channel alpha 1-subunit related to a fetal brain isoform.
Academic Article K+ channels: generating excitement in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article NIDDM is associated with loss of pancreatic beta-cell L-type Ca2+ channel activity.
Academic Article Baculovirus-mediated gene transfer into pancreatic islet cells.
Academic Article TRP genes: candidates for nonselective cation channels and store-operated channels in insulin-secreting cells.
Academic Article Does the glucose-dependent insulin secretion mechanism itself cause oxidative stress in pancreatic beta-cells?
Academic Article Visualizing superoxide production in normal and diabetic rat islets of Langerhans.
Academic Article Reversal of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice without spleen cell-derived beta cell regeneration.
Academic Article Inositol (1,4,5)-trisphosphate dynamics and intracellular calcium oscillations in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Small-conductance calcium-activated K+ channels are expressed in pancreatic islets and regulate glucose responses.
Academic Article Recovery of islet beta-cell function in streptozotocin- induced diabetic mice: an indirect role for the spleen.
Academic Article Insulin gene mutations as a cause of permanent neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article When BAD is good for beta cells.
Academic Article Diagnosis and treatment of neonatal diabetes: a United States experience.
Academic Article Insulin mutation screening in 1,044 patients with diabetes: mutations in the INS gene are a common cause of neonatal diabetes but a rare cause of diabetes diagnosed in childhood or adulthood.
Academic Article Leptin deficiency and beta-cell dysfunction underlie type 2 diabetes in compound Akt knockout mice.
Academic Article The alpha-cell conundrum: ATP-sensitive K+ channels and glucose sensing.
Academic Article Update in neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Cold climate genes and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Disruption of the clock components CLOCK and BMAL1 leads to hypoinsulinaemia and diabetes.
Academic Article A brief perspective on insulin production.
Academic Article Blood sugar measurement in zebrafish reveals dynamics of glucose homeostasis.
Academic Article Neonatal diabetes mellitus: a model for personalized medicine.
Academic Article Conditional gene targeting in mouse pancreatic ß-Cells: analysis of ectopic Cre transgene expression in the brain.
Academic Article Action potentials and insulin secretion: new insights into the role of Kv channels.
Academic Article The cost-effectiveness of personalized genetic medicine: the case of genetic testing in neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Neonatal diabetes: an expanding list of genes allows for improved diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article A nanoporous, transparent microcontainer for encapsulated islet therapy.
Academic Article Reactive species and early manifestation of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Creation of the Web-based University of Chicago Monogenic Diabetes Registry: using technology to facilitate longitudinal study of rare subtypes of diabetes.
Academic Article Ethics of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Defective glucose-dependent endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ sequestration in diabetic mouse islets of Langerhans.
Academic Article Reactive species, cellular repair and risk factors in the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus: review and hypothesis.
Academic Article In vitro processing and secretion of mutant insulin proteins that cause permanent neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Clinical and molecular genetics of neonatal diabetes due to mutations in the insulin gene.
Academic Article Loss of HNF-1alpha function in mice leads to abnormal expression of genes involved in pancreatic islet development and metabolism.
Academic Article Oxidative reactive species in cell injury: Mechanisms in diabetes mellitus and therapeutic approaches.
Academic Article Mutations in the insulin gene can cause MODY and autoantibody-negative type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Tooth discoloration in patients with neonatal diabetes after transfer onto glibenclamide: a previously unreported side effect.
Academic Article Glucose-induced ERM protein activation and translocation regulates insulin secretion.
Academic Article Who should have genetic testing for maturity-onset diabetes of the young?
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of adenovirus messenger ribonucleic acid in productive infection.
Academic Article ß-Cell-specific protein kinase A activation enhances the efficiency of glucose control by increasing acute-phase insulin secretion.
Academic Article A computational systems analysis of factors regulating a cell glucagon secretion.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of MODY genetic testing: translating genomic advances into practical health applications.
Academic Article Microcephaly, epilepsy, and neonatal diabetes due to compound heterozygous mutations in IER3IP1: insights into the natural history of a rare disorder.
Academic Article Sulfonylurea treatment before genetic testing in neonatal diabetes: pros and cons.
Academic Article Transgenic zebrafish model of the C43G human insulin gene mutation.
Academic Article Genetics and pathophysiology of neonatal diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Update on diabetes classification.
Academic Article Routine depression screening for patients with diabetes--reply.
Academic Article A review of the mental health issues of diabetes conference.
Academic Article Type 2 diabetes and congenital hyperinsulinism cause DNA double-strand breaks and p53 activity in ß cells.
Academic Article Genetic complexity in a Drosophila model of diabetes-associated misfolded human proinsulin.
Academic Article Lean versus obese diabetes mellitus patients in the United States minority population.
Academic Article The role of ß cell glucagon-like peptide-1 signaling in glucose regulation and response to diabetes drugs.
Academic Article Quantifying insulin sensitivity and entero-insular responsiveness to hyper- and hypoglycemia in ferrets.
Academic Article Neonatal diabetes: the brain comes into focus.
Academic Article Genome wide association studies for diabetes: perspective on results and challenges.
Academic Article Insulin regulates carboxypeptidase E by modulating translation initiation scaffolding protein eIF4G1 in pancreatic ß cells.
Academic Article The mental health comorbidities of diabetes.
Academic Article Role of noninsulin therapies alone or in combination in chromosome 6q24-related transient neonatal diabetes: sulfonylurea improves but does not always normalize insulin secretion.
Academic Article Age at the time of sulfonylurea initiation influences treatment outcomes in KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Continued lessons from the INS gene: an intronic mutation causing diabetes through a novel mechanism.
Academic Article An online monogenic diabetes discussion group: supporting families and fueling new research.
Academic Article TCF1 links GIPR signaling to the control of beta cell function and survival.
Academic Article Resting beta-cells - A functional reserve?
Academic Article The Brain-to-Pancreatic Islet Neuronal Map Reveals Differential Glucose Regulation From Distinct Hypothalamic Regions.
Academic Article GCK-MODY in the US National Monogenic Diabetes Registry: frequently misdiagnosed and unnecessarily treated.
Academic Article Patients with KCNJ11-related diabetes frequently have neuropsychological impairments compared with sibling controls.
Academic Article Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone in Diabetes.
Academic Article Preservation of Reduced Numbers of Insulin-Positive Cells in Sulfonylurea-Unresponsive KCNJ11-Related Diabetes.
Academic Article External Validation of the Newly Developed BETA-2 Scoring System for Pancreatic Islet Graft Function Assessment.
Academic Article Early Intensive Insulin Use May Preserve ß-Cell Function in Neonatal Diabetes Due to Mutations in the Proinsulin Gene.
Academic Article a Cell Function and Gene Expression Are Compromised in Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Human islets expressing HNF1A variant have defective ß cell transcriptional regulatory networks.
Academic Article Comparative evaluation of simple indices using a single fasting blood sample to estimate beta cell function after islet transplantation.
Academic Article FOXP3 mutations causing early-onset insulin-requiring diabetes but without other features of immune dysregulation, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, X-linked syndrome.
Academic Article Diabetes Presentation in Infancy: High Risk of Diabetic Ketoacidosis.
Academic Article Precision medicine in KCNJ11 permanent neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Monogenic Diabetes in Children and Adolescents: Recognition and Treatment Options.
Academic Article Deletion of Protein Kinase D1 in Pancreatic ß-Cells Impairs Insulin Secretion in High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice.
Academic Article Pancreatic Histopathology of Human Monogenic Diabetes Due to Causal Variants in KCNJ11, HNF1A, GATA6, and LMNA.
Academic Article Management and pregnancy outcomes of women with GCK-MODY enrolled in the US Monogenic Diabetes Registry.
Grant Monogenic Diabetes: Next Generation Diagnosis, Treatment and Complications
Grant Chicagoland Diabetes TrialNet Clinical Center
Grant Pediatric Endocrinology Research Training Grant
Academic Article GCK-MODY in the US Monogenic Diabetes Registry: Description of 27 unpublished variants.
Academic Article Iatrogenic Hyperinsulinemia, Not Hyperglycemia, Drives Insulin Resistance in Type 1 Diabetes as Revealed by Comparison With GCK-MODY (MODY2).
Academic Article Harnessing heterogeneity in type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Integrated Pancreatic Blood Flow: Bidirectional Microcirculation Between Endocrine and Exocrine Pancreas.
Academic Article Effect of Continuous Glucose Monitoring on Hypoglycemia in Older Adults With Type 1 Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Precision medicine in diabetes: a Consensus Report from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).
Academic Article Precision Medicine in Diabetes: A Consensus Report From the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD).
Academic Article Exenatide extended release in patients with type 1 diabetes with and without residual insulin production.
Academic Article Approach to the Patient with MODY-Monogenic Diabetes.
Academic Article The demise of islet allotransplantation in the United States: A call for an urgent regulatory update.
Academic Article Monogenic Diabetes: From Genetic Insights to Population-Based Precision in Care. Reflections From a Diabetes Care Editors' Expert Forum.
Academic Article Diabetes With Multiple Autoimmune and Inflammatory Conditions Linked to an Activating SKAP2 Mutation.
Academic Article The Longer-Term Benefits and Harms of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Developmental defects and impaired network excitability in a cerebral organoid model of KCNJ11 p.V59M-related neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Longer-term Benefits and Risks of Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetes: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Academic Article Integrated Analysis of the Pancreas and Islets Reveals Unexpected Findings in Human Male With Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article ADA/EASD Precision Medicine in Diabetes Initiative: An International Perspective and Future Vision for Precision Medicine in Diabetes.
Academic Article Islets Transplantation at a Crossroads - Need for Urgent Regulatory Update in the United States: Perspective Presented During the Scientific Sessions 2021 at the American Diabetes Association Congress.
Academic Article Precision diabetes: Lessons learned from maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY).
Academic Article Benefit of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Reducing Hypoglycemia Is Sustained Through 12 Months of Use Among Older Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article First-Line Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes With Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists : A Cost-Effectiveness Study.
Academic Article Insight on Diagnosis and Treatment From Over a Decade of Research Through the University of Chicago Monogenic Diabetes Registry.
Academic Article Objective and Subjective Sleep Patterns in Adults With Maturity-Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY).
Academic Article Acute Recurrent Pancreatitis in a Child With INS-Related Monogenic Diabetes and a Heterozygous Pathogenic CFTR Mutation.
Grant Center for Identification and Study of Individuals with Atypical Diabetes Mellitus
Grant K+ Channel Expression in Pancreatic Beta-Cells
Academic Article First-Line Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes With Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter-2 Inhibitors and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists.
Academic Article Second international consensus report on gaps and opportunities for the clinical translation of precision diabetes medicine.
Academic Article Longitudinal Assessment of Pancreas Volume by MRI Predicts Progression to Stage 3 Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Stress and human health in diabetes: A report from the 19th Chicago Biomedical Consortium symposium.
Academic Article A loss-of-function mutation in KCNJ11 causing sulfonylurea-sensitive diabetes in early adult life.
Academic Article Werner Syndrome and Diabetes: Opportunities for Precision Medicine.
Academic Article Implementing genetic testing in diabetes: Knowledge, perceptions of healthcare professionals, and barriers in a developing country.
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