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Concept DNA, Bacterial
Concept Anti-Bacterial Agents
Concept Signal Transduction
Academic Article Cerebral vascular malformations adjacent to sensorimotor and visual cortex. Functional magnetic resonance imaging studies before and after therapeutic intervention.
Academic Article Pathobiology of human cerebrovascular malformations: basic mechanisms and clinical relevance.
Academic Article Cerebral cavernous malformations proteins inhibit Rho kinase to stabilize vascular integrity.
Academic Article What genes can teach us about human cerebrovascular malformations.
Academic Article Functional anatomy of the human supplementary sensorimotor area: results of extraoperative electrical stimulation.
Academic Article Endothelial TLR4 and the microbiome drive cerebral cavernous malformations.
Academic Article The cerebral cavernous malformation disease causing gene KRIT1 participates in intestinal epithelial barrier maintenance and regulation.
Academic Article Cerebral cavernous malformations form an anticoagulant vascular domain in humans and mice.
Academic Article Distinct cellular roles for PDCD10 define a gut-brain axis in cerebral cavernous malformation.
Academic Article Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Proteins in Barrier Maintenance and Regulation.
Academic Article Permissive microbiome characterizes human subjects with a neurovascular disease cavernous angioma.
Academic Article Abortive intussusceptive angiogenesis causes multi-cavernous vascular malformations.
Academic Article Cerebral Cavernous Malformation: From Mechanism to Therapy.
Academic Article Mild Hypoxia Accelerates Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Disease Through CX3CR1-CX3CL1 Signaling.
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