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Concept Hypoxia, Brain
Concept Brain Injuries
Concept Brain
Concept Brain Mapping
Concept Hypoxia-Ischemia, Brain
Concept Brain Ischemia
Academic Article Developmental changes in diffusion anisotropy coincide with immature oligodendrocyte progression and maturation of compound action potential.
Academic Article White matter injury correlates with hypertonia in an animal model of cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Model of cerebral palsy in the perinatal rabbit.
Academic Article Sensory deficits and olfactory system injury detected by novel application of MEMRI in newborn rabbit after antenatal hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Hypoxia-ischemia causes persistent movement deficits in a perinatal rabbit model of cerebral palsy: assessed by a new swim test.
Academic Article A model of cerebral palsy from fetal hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Serial diffusion tensor imaging detects white matter changes that correlate with motor outcome in premature infants.
Academic Article Fetal brain magnetic resonance imaging response acutely to hypoxia-ischemia predicts postnatal outcome.
Academic Article Motor deficits are triggered by reperfusion-reoxygenation injury as diagnosed by MRI and by a mechanism involving oxidants.
Academic Article Intrauterine fetal demise can be remote from the inciting insult in an animal model of hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Antenatal insults modify newborn olfactory function by nitric oxide produced from neuronal nitric oxide synthase.
Academic Article A rapid fMRI task battery for mapping of visual, motor, cognitive, and emotional function.
Academic Article Involvement of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in ongoing fetal brain injury following near-term rabbit hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Near-term fetal hypoxia-ischemia in rabbits: MRI can predict muscle tone abnormalities and deep brain injury.
Academic Article Elevated spinal monoamine neurotransmitters after antenatal hypoxia-ischemia in rabbit cerebral palsy model.
Academic Article Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Ameliorate Motor Deficits in Rabbits in a Cerebral Palsy Model.
Academic Article White Matter Injury and General Movements in High-Risk Preterm Infants.
Academic Article Concurrent decrease of brain white matter tracts' thicknesses and fractional anisotropy after antenatal hypoxia-ischemia detected with tract-based spatial statistics analysis.
Academic Article Microbiota influence the development of the brain and behaviors in C57BL/6J mice.
Academic Article Impact of anesthesia exposure in early development on learning and sensory functions.
Academic Article Occlusion of activity dependent synaptic plasticity by late hypoxic long term potentiation after neonatal intermittent hypoxia.
Academic Article Early preterm infant microbiome impacts adult learning.
Academic Article Function and development of interneurons involved in brain tissue oxygen regulation.
Academic Article Brain tissue oxygen dynamics while mimicking the functional deficiency of interneurons.
Academic Article Temporal trajectories of normal myelination and axonal development assessed by quantitative macromolecular and diffusion MRI: Ultrastructural and immunochemical validation in a rabbit model.
Academic Article Developmental and regional dependence of macromolecular proton fraction and fractional anisotropy in fixed brain tissue.
Academic Article Consequences of oxygen deprivation on myelination and sex-dependent alterations.
Academic Article Proceedings of the 14th International Newborn Brain Conference: Fetal and/or neonatal brain development, both normal and abnormal.
Academic Article Brain Tissue Oxygen and BOLD fMRI Under Different Levels of Neuronal Activity.
Academic Article Intestinal microbiota modulates neuroinflammatory response and brain injury after neonatal hypoxia-ischemia.
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