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Concept Blood Proteins
Concept DNA-Binding Proteins
Concept Eye Proteins
Concept Membrane Proteins
Concept Nerve Tissue Proteins
Concept Monosaccharide Transport Proteins
Concept Muscle Proteins
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins
Concept Proteins
Concept Repressor Proteins
Concept Extracellular Matrix Proteins
Concept Milk Proteins
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-fos
Concept RNA-Binding Proteins
Concept Immediate-Early Proteins
Concept ras Proteins
Concept Qa-SNARE Proteins
Concept HMGB Proteins
Concept Mitochondrial Proteins
Concept Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins
Concept Green Fluorescent Proteins
Concept Mutant Chimeric Proteins
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-raf
Concept SNARE Proteins
Concept Cell Cycle Proteins
Concept rab3 GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
Concept I-kappa B Proteins
Concept Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins
Concept Recombinant Proteins
Concept Shc Signaling Adaptor Proteins
Concept Adaptor Proteins, Signal Transducing
Concept R-SNARE Proteins
Concept HSP40 Heat-Shock Proteins
Concept Viral Proteins
Concept GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept Antimicrobial Cationic Peptides
Concept Homeodomain Proteins
Concept Cation Transport Proteins
Concept Monomeric GTP-Binding Proteins
Concept GTPase-Activating Proteins
Concept Insulin Receptor Substrate Proteins
Concept Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins
Concept Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling Proteins
Concept ADAM Proteins
Concept Calcium-Binding Proteins
Concept Carrier Proteins
Concept Cytoskeletal Proteins
Concept Luminescent Proteins
Concept Nuclear Proteins
Concept Recombinant Fusion Proteins
Concept Membrane Transport Proteins
Concept Vesicular Transport Proteins
Concept Adaptor Proteins, Vesicular Transport
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt
Academic Article A novel regulatory mechanism for trimeric GTP-binding proteins in the membrane and secretory granule fractions of human and rodent beta cells.
Academic Article Insulin-stimulated translocation of GLUT4 glucose transporters requires SNARE-complex proteins.
Academic Article A specific increased expression of insulin receptor substrate 2 in pancreatic beta-cell lines is involved in mediating serum-stimulated beta-cell growth.
Academic Article Differential activation of protein kinase B and p70(S6)K by glucose and insulin-like growth factor 1 in pancreatic beta-cells (INS-1).
Academic Article Synaptotagmin III isoform is compartmentalized in pancreatic beta-cells and has a functional role in exocytosis.
Academic Article Glycerol-stimulated proinsulin biosynthesis in isolated pancreatic rat islets via adenoviral-induced expression of glycerol kinase is mediated via mitochondrial metabolism.
Academic Article Cysteine string protein (CSP) is an insulin secretory granule-associated protein regulating beta-cell exocytosis.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I)-stimulated pancreatic beta-cell growth is glucose-dependent. Synergistic activation of insulin receptor substrate-mediated signal transduction pathways by glucose and IGF-I in INS-1 cells.
Academic Article Stimulation of pancreatic beta-cell proliferation by growth hormone is glucose-dependent: signal transduction via janus kinase 2 (JAK2)/signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (STAT5) with no crosstalk to insulin receptor substrate-mediated mitogenic signalling.
Academic Article Pancreatic beta-cell growth and survival--a role in obesity-linked type 2 diabetes?
Academic Article Fatty acid and phorbol ester-mediated interference of mitogenic signaling via novel protein kinase C isoforms in pancreatic beta-cells (INS-1).
Academic Article Signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 activation is sufficient to drive transcriptional induction of cyclin D2 gene and proliferation of rat pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Phosphoinositide 3 kinase mediates Toll-like receptor 4-induced activation of NF-kappa B in endothelial cells.
Academic Article Syncollin inhibits regulated corticotropin secretion from AtT-20 cells through a reduction in the secretory vesicle population.
Academic Article A role for the malonyl-CoA/long-chain acyl-CoA pathway of lipid signaling in the regulation of insulin secretion in response to both fuel and nonfuel stimuli.
Academic Article Insulin receptor substrate-2 proteasomal degradation mediated by a mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)-induced negative feedback down-regulates protein kinase B-mediated signaling pathway in beta-cells.
Academic Article Fluorescent cargo proteins in pancreatic beta-cells: design determines secretion kinetics at exocytosis.
Academic Article Differential activation mechanisms of Erk-1/2 and p70(S6K) by glucose in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Insulin receptor substrate 2 plays diverse cell-specific roles in the regulation of glucose transport.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 protects beta cells from cytokine-induced apoptosis and necrosis: role of protein kinase B.
Academic Article Type 2 diabetes-a matter of beta-cell life and death?
Academic Article Actin and non-muscle myosin II facilitate apical exocytosis of tear proteins in rabbit lacrimal acinar epithelial cells.
Academic Article Specific regulation of IRS-2 expression by glucose in rat primary pancreatic islet beta-cells.
Academic Article Insulin action in the brain contributes to glucose lowering during insulin treatment of diabetes.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor signaling regulates skin development and inhibits skin keratinocyte differentiation.
Academic Article Leptin regulates insulin sensitivity via phosphatidylinositol-3-OH kinase signaling in mediobasal hypothalamic neurons.
Academic Article Pancreatic beta-cell growth and survival in the onset of type 2 diabetes: a role for protein kinase B in the Akt?
Academic Article Decreasing IRS-2 expression in pancreatic beta-cells (INS-1) promotes apoptosis, which can be compensated for by introduction of IRS-4 expression.
Academic Article Proinsulin maturation, misfolding, and proteotoxicity.
Academic Article A cis-element in the 5' untranslated region of the preproinsulin mRNA (ppIGE) is required for glucose regulation of proinsulin translation.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 regulates proliferation and apoptosis via activation of protein kinase B in pancreatic INS-1 beta cells.
Academic Article Glycogen synthase kinase-3 regulates IGFBP-1 gene transcription through the thymine-rich insulin response element.
Academic Article [Biogenesis of the insulin secretion granule].
Academic Article Involvement of Per-Arnt-Sim Kinase and extracellular-regulated kinases-1/2 in palmitate inhibition of insulin gene expression in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Impaired NH2-terminal processing of human proislet amyloid polypeptide by the prohormone convertase PC2 leads to amyloid formation and cell death.
Academic Article The mitochondrial citrate/isocitrate carrier plays a regulatory role in glucose-stimulated insulin secretion.
Academic Article Arf nucleotide binding site opener [ARNO] promotes sequential activation of Arf6, Cdc42 and Rac1 and insulin secretion in INS 832/13 ß-cells and rat islets.
Academic Article Regulation of the biosynthesis of insulin-secretory-granule proteins. Co-ordinate translational control is exerted on some, but not all, granule matrix constituents.
Academic Article Leptin action via neurotensin neurons controls orexin, the mesolimbic dopamine system and energy balance.
Academic Article Glucose and fatty acids synergize to promote B-cell apoptosis through activation of glycogen synthase kinase 3ß independent of JNK activation.
Academic Article Protein farnesylation-dependent Raf/extracellular signal-related kinase signaling links to cytoskeletal remodeling to facilitate glucose-induced insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Degradation of islet amyloid polypeptide by neprilysin.
Academic Article FoxO feedback control of basal IRS-2 expression in pancreatic ß-cells is distinct from that in hepatocytes.
Academic Article A Kex2-related endopeptidase activity present in rat liver specifically processes the insulin proreceptor.
Academic Article Specific glucose-induced control of insulin receptor substrate-2 expression is mediated via Ca2+-dependent calcineurin/NFAT signaling in primary pancreatic islet ß-cells.
Academic Article Free fatty acid-induced inhibition of glucose and insulin-like growth factor I-induced deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in the pancreatic beta-cell line INS-1.
Academic Article Activation of IRS-2-mediated signal transduction by IGF-1, but not TGF-alpha or EGF, augments pancreatic beta-cell proliferation.
Academic Article Protein kinase B/Akt prevents fatty acid-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta-cells (INS-1).
Academic Article IRS-3 inhibits IRS-2-mediated signaling in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Glucagon-like peptide-1 prevents beta cell glucolipotoxicity.
Academic Article Direct imaging shows that insulin granule exocytosis occurs by complete vesicle fusion.
Academic Article Intragranular targeting of syncollin, but not a syncollinGFP chimera, inhibits regulated insulin exocytosis in pancreatic beta-cells.
Academic Article Glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta mediates high glucose-induced ubiquitination and proteasome degradation of insulin receptor substrate 1.
Academic Article Rab3A effector domain peptides induce insulin exocytosis via a specific interaction with a cytosolic protein doublet.
Academic Article Interaction of the Ras-related protein associated with diabetes rad and the putative tumor metastasis suppressor NM23 provides a novel mechanism of GTPase regulation.
Academic Article Suppressor of cytokine signalling-3 inhibits Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induced apoptosis and signalling in beta cells.
Academic Article Intracellular signalling. Key enzyme in leptin-induced anorexia.
Academic Article A potential role for hypothalamomedullary POMC projections in leptin-induced suppression of food intake.
Academic Article Islet autoantigens: structure, function, localization, and regulation.
Academic Article Characterization of the promoter for the rat and human link protein gene.
Academic Article Direct innervation and modulation of orexin neurons by lateral hypothalamic LepRb neurons.
Academic Article Developmental expression of the translocator protein 18 kDa (TSPO) in testicular germ cells.
Academic Article Aberrant chloride intracellular channel 4 expression contributes to endothelial dysfunction in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Academic Article Pancreatic ß-Cell Adaptive Plasticity in Obesity Increases Insulin Production but Adversely Affects Secretory Function.
Academic Article Control of food intake and energy expenditure by Nos1 neurons of the paraventricular hypothalamus.
Academic Article Neurturin and a GLP-1 Analogue Act Synergistically to Alleviate Diabetes in Zucker Diabetic Fatty Rats.
Academic Article Ca(2+)-regulated serine protease associated with the nuclear scaffold.
Academic Article Dominant-negative PKC-epsilon impairs apical actin remodeling in parallel with inhibition of carbachol-stimulated secretion in rabbit lacrimal acini.
Academic Article The c-propeptide of type II procollagen binds to the enhancer region of the type II procollagen gene and regulates its transcription.
Academic Article Characterization of a glucocorticoid responsive element and identification of an AT-rich element that regulate the link protein gene.
Academic Article Leptin-receptor-expressing neurons in the dorsomedial hypothalamus and median preoptic area regulate sympathetic brown adipose tissue circuits.
Academic Article Leptin action in the forebrain regulates the hindbrain response to satiety signals.
Academic Article Reduced plasma levels of small HDL particles transporting fibrinolytic proteins in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Academic Article Spatial organization of EphA2 at the cell-cell interface modulates trans-endocytosis of ephrinA1.
Academic Article Iron deficiency and raised hepcidin in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension: clinical prevalence, outcomes, and mechanistic insights.
Academic Article Alternative splicing generates two different mRNA species for rat link protein.
Academic Article Plasma proteome analysis in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: an observational cohort study.
Academic Article Activation of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) by insulin is associated with stimulation of 4EBP1 binding to dimeric mTOR complex 1.
Academic Article PACE4 is a member of the mammalian propeptidase family that has overlapping but not identical substrate specificity to PACE.
Academic Article Identification of rare sequence variation underlying heritable pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Academic Article Unsuitability of indoxyl acetate as a substrate for the assay of testicular hyaluronidase.
Academic Article Proteomic Analysis of Restored Insulin Production and Trafficking in Obese Diabetic Mouse Pancreatic Islets Following Euglycemia.
Academic Article Targeted Measurements of O- and N-Glycopeptides Show That Proteins in High Density Lipoprotein Particles Are Enriched with Specific Glycosylation Compared to Plasma.
Academic Article Characterization of GDF2 Mutations and Levels of BMP9 and BMP10 in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
Academic Article The mouse slalom mutant demonstrates a role for Jagged1 in neuroepithelial patterning in the organ of Corti.
Academic Article A fluorescent timer reporter enables sorting of insulin secretory granules by age.
Academic Article Mining the Plasma Proteome for Insights into the Molecular Pathology of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.
Concept Serrate-Jagged Proteins
Grant Metabolic Control of Insulin Exocytosis
Grant Metabolic Control of Proinsulin Biosynthesis Translation
Grant Metabolic Control of Proinsulin Biosynthesis Translation
Academic Article SOX17 Enhancer Variants Disrupt Transcription Factor Binding And Enhancer Inactivity Drives Pulmonary Hypertension.
Academic Article Blood DNA methylation profiling identifies cathepsin Z dysregulation in pulmonary arterial hypertension.
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