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Concept Olfaction Disorders
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Academic Article A genome-wide screen for hyposmia susceptibility Loci.
Academic Article Olfaction.
Academic Article Olfactory function in Wave 2 of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.
Academic Article Olfactory dysfunction predicts 5-year mortality in older adults.
Academic Article Gray matter volume reduction of olfactory cortices in patients with idiopathic olfactory loss.
Academic Article Racial disparities in olfactory loss among older adults in the United States.
Academic Article Sensory function: insights from Wave 2 of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.
Academic Article Olfactory thresholds of the U.S. Population of home-dwelling older adults: development and validation of a short, reliable measure.
Academic Article Olfaction: anatomy, physiology, and disease.
Academic Article The effect of nasal structure on olfactory function in patients with OSA.
Academic Article The Rate of Age-Related Olfactory Decline Among the General Population of Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article Dexamethasone affects mouse olfactory mucosa gene expression and attenuates genes related to neurite outgrowth.
Academic Article Genome-wide Meta-analysis on the Sense of Smell Among US Older Adults.
Academic Article Olfactory Dysfunction in Older Adults is Associated with Feelings of Depression and Loneliness.
Academic Article Sendai Virus Induces Persistent Olfactory Dysfunction in a Murine Model of PVOD via Effects on Apoptosis, Cell Proliferation, and Response to Odorants.
Academic Article The human olfactory transcriptome.
Academic Article Gender difference in Chinese adults with post-viral olfactory disorder:a hospital-based study.
Academic Article Fine particulate matter exposure and olfactory dysfunction among urban-dwelling older US adults.
Academic Article Field Survey Measures of Olfaction: The Olfactory Function Field Exam (OFFE).
Academic Article Genome-Wide Association Analysis of the Sense of Smell in U.S. Older Adults: Identification of Novel Risk Loci in African-Americans and European-Americans.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Inaccurate Self-Reporting of Olfactory Dysfunction in Older US Adults.
Academic Article Nitrogen dioxide pollution exposure is associated with olfactory dysfunction in older U.S. adults.
Academic Article Effects of Ambient Air Pollution Exposure on Olfaction: A Review.
Academic Article The Prevalence of Anosmia and Associated Factors Among U.S. Black and White Older Adults.
Academic Article Smoking and olfactory dysfunction: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Evaluation of idiopathic olfactory loss with chemosensory event-related potentials and magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Olfactory cortex and Olfactory bulb volume alterations in patients with post-infectious Olfactory loss.
Academic Article Olfactory Dysfunction Predicts Subsequent Dementia in Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article Sleep and Olfaction among Older Adults.
Academic Article Relationship Between Poor Olfaction and Mortality Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Cohort Study.
Academic Article Olfactory dysfunction persists after smoking cessation and signals increased cardiovascular risk.
Academic Article Olfaction and Changes in Body Composition in a Large Cohort of Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article IL-1Rahigh-IL-4low-IL-13low: A Novel Plasma Cytokine Signature Associated with Olfactory Dysfunction in Older US Adults.
Academic Article Odor Sensitivity Versus Odor Identification in Older US Adults: Associations With Cognition, Age, Gender, and Race.
Academic Article Identifying Treatments for Taste and Smell Disorders: Gaps and Opportunities.
Academic Article Identification of Viruses in Patients With Postviral Olfactory Dysfunction by Multiplex Reverse-Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction.
Academic Article Self-Reported Versus Objectively Assessed Olfaction and Parkinson's Disease Risk.
Academic Article The Specter of Olfactory Impairment: Lessons About Mortality in Older US Adults.
Academic Article Olfactory Dysfunction Predicts the Development of Depression in Older US Adults.
Academic Article Sleep-Disordered Breathing Is Associated With Impaired Odor Identification in Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article Olfaction Is Associated With Sexual Motivation and Satisfaction in Older Men and Women.
Academic Article Systemic corticosteroids in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)-related smell dysfunction: an international view.
Academic Article Olfactory loss and aging: connections with health and well-being.
Academic Article Olfaction and kidney function in community-dwelling older adults.
Academic Article Assessment of Self-reported Sense of Smell, Objective Testing, and Associated Factors in Middle-aged and Older Women.
Academic Article International consensus statement on allergy and rhinology: Olfaction.
Academic Article Poor olfaction and pneumonia hospitalisation among community-dwelling older adults: a cohort study.
Academic Article Olfaction in pregnancy: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Association of air pollution with olfactory identification performance of São Paulo residents: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Olfactory Nomenclature: An Orchestrated Effort to Clarify Terms and Definitions of Dysosmia, Anosmia, Hyposmia, Normosmia, Hyperosmia, Olfactory Intolerance, Parosmia, and Phantosmia/Olfactory Hallucination.
Academic Article Ambient Air Pollutants and Olfaction among Women 50-79 Years of Age from the Sister Study.
Academic Article Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and poor olfaction in women.
Academic Article Polygenic risk score for Parkinson's disease and olfaction among middle-aged to older women.
Academic Article Olfactory decline develops in parallel with frailty in older US adults with obstructive lung diseases.
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