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Concept Kidney Calculi
Academic Article Causes and consequences of kidney loss in patients with nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Crystal-associated nephropathy in patients with brushite nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Decreased renal function among adults with a history of nephrolithiasis: a study of NHANES III.
Academic Article Insights on the pathology of kidney stone formation.
Academic Article Kidney stone disease.
Academic Article Endoscopic evidence of calculus attachment to Randall's plaque.
Academic Article Nephrolithiasis and nephrocalcinosis in rats with small bowel resection.
Academic Article A new animal model of hyperoxaluria and nephrolithiasis in rats with small bowel resection.
Academic Article Renal crystal deposits and histopathology in patients with cystine stones.
Academic Article Evidence against a contribution of conventional urine risk factors to de novo ESRD renal stones.
Academic Article Renal function in patients with nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Pathophysiological correlates of two unique renal tubule lesions in rats with intestinal resection.
Academic Article Renal histopathology of stone-forming patients with distal renal tubular acidosis.
Academic Article Mechanism of formation of human calcium oxalate renal stones on Randall's plaque.
Academic Article Urine pH in renal calcium stone formers who do and do not increase stone phosphate content with time.
Academic Article Role of interstitial apatite plaque in the pathogenesis of the common calcium oxalate stone.
Academic Article Histopathology and surgical anatomy of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism and calcium phosphate stones.
Academic Article Evidence for increased postprandial distal nephron calcium delivery in hypercalciuric stone-forming patients.
Academic Article Trends in kidney donation among kidney stone formers: a survey of US transplant centers.
Academic Article Clinical implications of abundant calcium phosphate in routinely analyzed kidney stones.
Academic Article In idiopathic calcium oxalate stone-formers, unattached stones show evidence of having originated as attached stones on Randall's plaque.
Academic Article Apatite plaque particles in inner medulla of kidneys of calcium oxalate stone formers: osteopontin localization.
Academic Article Renal histopathology and crystal deposits in patients with small bowel resection and calcium oxalate stone disease.
Academic Article Randall's plaque: pathogenesis and role in calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Evidence for altered renal tubule function in idiopathic calcium stone formers.
Academic Article Clinical practice. Calcium kidney stones.
Academic Article Comparison of the pathology of interstitial plaque in human ICSF stone patients to NHERF-1 and THP-null mice.
Academic Article African American ESRD patients have a high pre-dialysis prevalence of kidney stones compared to NHANES III.
Academic Article A formal test of the hypothesis that idiopathic calcium oxalate stones grow on Randall's plaque.
Academic Article Pathophysiology-based treatment of idiopathic calcium kidney stones.
Academic Article Intra-tubular deposits, urine and stone composition are divergent in patients with ileostomy.
Academic Article Crystal adsorption and growth slowing by nephrocalcin, albumin, and Tamm-Horsfall protein.
Academic Article Clinical and laboratory characteristics of calcium stone-formers with and without primary hyperparathyroidism.
Academic Article A test of the hypothesis that the collecting duct calcium-sensing receptor limits rise of urine calcium molarity in hypercalciuric calcium kidney stone formers.
Academic Article Three pathways for human kidney stone formation.
Academic Article New insights into the pathogenesis of idiopathic hypercalciuria.
Academic Article Evidence for net renal tubule oxalate secretion in patients with calcium kidney stones.
Academic Article Nephrolithiasis and increased blood pressure among females with high body mass index.
Academic Article Renal intratubular crystals and hyaluronan staining occur in stone formers with bypass surgery but not with idiopathic calcium oxalate stones.
Academic Article Formation of hydrated calcium oxalates in the presence of poly-L-aspartic acid.
Academic Article Kidney stones: an update on current pharmacological management and future directions.
Academic Article Role of anionic proteins in kidney stone formation: interaction between model anionic polypeptides and calcium oxalate crystals.
Academic Article Stones from bowel disease.
Academic Article Nephrocalcinosis in Calcium Stone Formers Who Do Not have Systemic Disease.
Academic Article Sex differences in proximal and distal nephron function contribute to the mechanism of idiopathic hypercalcuria in calcium stone formers.
Academic Article Contrasting histopathology and crystal deposits in kidneys of idiopathic stone formers who produce hydroxy apatite, brushite, or calcium oxalate stones.
Academic Article Mechanisms of human kidney stone formation.
Academic Article Biopsy proven medullary sponge kidney: clinical findings, histopathology, and role of osteogenesis in stone and plaque formation.
Academic Article Micro-CT imaging of Randall's plaques.
Academic Article A test of the hypothesis that oxalate secretion produces proximal tubule crystallization in primary hyperoxaluria type I.
Academic Article A Proposed Grading System to Standardize the Description of Renal Papillary Appearance at the Time of Endoscopy in Patients with Nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Label-free proteomic methodology for the analysis of human kidney stone matrix composition.
Academic Article Idiopathic hypercalciuria and formation of calcium renal stones.
Academic Article Endoscopic Evidence That Randall's Plaque is Associated with Surface Erosion of the Renal Papilla.
Academic Article Do kidney stone formers have a kidney disease?
Academic Article Hypercalciuria and stones.
Academic Article Papillary Ductal Plugging is a Mechanism for Early Stone Retention in Brushite Stone Disease.
Academic Article Evidence for a role of PDZ domain-containing proteins to mediate hypophosphatemia in calcium stone formers.
Academic Article Randall's plaque in stone formers originates in ascending thin limbs.
Academic Article Association Between Randall's Plaque Stone Anchors and Renal Papillary Pits.
Academic Article Mechanisms for falling urine pH with age in stone formers.
Academic Article Evidence for disordered acid-base handling in calcium stone-forming patients.
Academic Article A Precision Medicine Approach Uncovers a Unique Signature of Neutrophils in Patients With Brushite Kidney Stones.
Academic Article Racial Differences in Risk Factors for Kidney Stone Formation.

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