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Concept Aortic Valve Stenosis
Concept Arrhythmias, Cardiac
Concept Abnormalities, Multiple
Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Bradycardia
Concept Coronary Disease
Concept Coronary Vessel Anomalies
Concept Heart-Assist Devices
Concept Hypertension
Concept Electrocardiography
Concept Fetal Distress
Concept Neovascularization, Pathologic
Concept Obesity
Concept Heart Diseases
Concept Leukocytosis
Concept Lung Diseases
Concept Myocardial Infarction
Concept Opioid-Related Disorders
Concept Pneumonia, Viral
Concept Pregnancy
Concept Mitral Valve Insufficiency
Concept Myocardial Contraction
Concept Pain, Postoperative
Concept Shock, Septic
Concept Pregnancy in Diabetics
Concept Pregnancy Outcome
Concept Pre-Eclampsia
Concept Pulmonary Edema
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Concept Rupture, Spontaneous
Concept Puerperal Disorders
Concept Respiratory Insufficiency
Concept Shock, Cardiogenic
Concept Hypercholesterolemia
Concept Therapeutics
Concept Critical Illness
Concept Diabetes, Gestational
Concept Stroke Volume
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept Cardiomyopathies
Concept Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced
Concept Sepsis
Concept Pregnancy Complications, Cardiovascular
Concept Pregnancy Trimester, Third
Concept Postoperative Complications
Concept Pregnancy Complications
Concept HIV Infections
Concept Tricuspid Valve Stenosis
Concept Ventricular Outflow Obstruction
Concept Myocardial Ischemia
Concept Aneurysm, False
Concept Infectious Disease Transmission, Patient-to-Professional
Concept Coronavirus Infections
Concept Ventricular Dysfunction, Left
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Heart Arrest
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Pregnancy Proteins
Concept Pregnancy Trimester, Second
Concept User-Computer Interface
Academic Article Subclinical left ventricular dysfunction in preeclamptic women with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction: a 2D speckle-tracking imaging study.
Academic Article A modified Delphi method to create a scoring system for assessing team performance during maternal cardiopulmonary arrest.
Academic Article 3-dimensional right ventricular volume assessment.
Academic Article Cardiac angiogenic imbalance leads to peripartum cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article OS094. Subclinical left ventricular dysfunction in preeclamptic women with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction: A 2D speckle tracking imaging study.
Academic Article Bench to bedside: dynamic mitral valve assessment.
Academic Article Course and outcome of pregnancy in 54 persistently HIV-1-seronegative sex workers and their infants.
Academic Article Epidemiology and Mechanisms of De Novo and Persistent Hypertension in the Postpartum Period.
Academic Article Circulating Antiangiogenic Factors and Myocardial Dysfunction in Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy.
Academic Article Multi-complexity measures of heart rate variability and the effect of vasopressor titration: a prospective cohort study of patients with septic shock.
Academic Article Racial Disparities in Comorbidities, Complications, and Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in Women With Preeclampsia/eclampsia.
Academic Article Cardiogenic shock in pregnancy: Analysis from the National Inpatient Sample.
Academic Article Interval Changes in Myocardial Performance Index Predict Outcome in Severe Sepsis.
Academic Article Increased Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality Among Asian American and Pacific Islander Women in the United States.
Academic Article Myocardial performance index in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: The relationship between blood pressures and angiogenic factors.
Academic Article Activin A and Late Postpartum Cardiac Dysfunction Among Women With Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy.
Academic Article Abnormal mid-trimester cardiac strain in women with chronic hypertension predates superimposed preeclampsia.
Academic Article Outcomes and mortality in parturient and non-parturient patients with peripartum cardiomyopathy: A national readmission database study.
Academic Article Patients Undergoing Cesarean Delivery After Exposure to Oxytocin During Labor Require Higher Postpartum Oxytocin Doses.
Academic Article Prospective, randomized clinical trial comparing use of intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography to standard care during radical cystectomy.
Academic Article Preoperative asymptomatic leukocytosis and postoperative outcome in cardiac surgery patients.
Academic Article In Reply.
Academic Article Association of antepartum blood pressure levels and angiogenic profile among women with chronic hypertension.
Academic Article Pharmacogenomic considerations for medications in the perioperative setting.
Academic Article Trends and Outcomes of Mechanical Circulatory Support in Peripartum Women, 2002-2014: A Nationwide Inpatient Sample Analysis.
Academic Article Antepartum Aspirin Administration Reduces Activin A and Cardiac Global Longitudinal Strain in Preeclamptic Women.
Academic Article Be Active and Be Well? A Cross-sectional Survey of US Anesthesia Residents.
Academic Article Long-Term Postpartum Cardiac Function and Its Association With Preeclampsia.
Academic Article Long-Term Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Women After Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Recent Advances in Hypertension.

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