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Concept Olfaction Disorders
Concept Smell
Academic Article Paternally inherited HLA alleles are associated with women's choice of male odor.
Academic Article Human body scents: conscious perceptions and biological effects.
Academic Article Gustatory and olfactory dysfunction in older adults: a national probability study.
Academic Article Assessment of sensory function in the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.
Academic Article Olfactory function in Wave 2 of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.
Academic Article Olfactory dysfunction predicts 5-year mortality in older adults.
Academic Article Racial disparities in olfactory loss among older adults in the United States.
Academic Article Sensory function: insights from Wave 2 of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.
Academic Article Olfactory thresholds of the U.S. Population of home-dwelling older adults: development and validation of a short, reliable measure.
Academic Article The Rate of Age-Related Olfactory Decline Among the General Population of Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article Sustained human chemosignal unconsciously alters brain function.
Academic Article Ovulatory pheromone shortens ovarian cycles of female rats living in olfactory isolation.
Academic Article Psychological effects of musky compounds: comparison of androstadienone with androstenol and muscone.
Academic Article Effects of breastfeeding chemosignals on the human menstrual cycle.
Academic Article Social chemosignals from breastfeeding women increase sexual motivation.
Academic Article Psychological state and mood effects of steroidal chemosignals in women and men.
Academic Article Effects of reproductive state on olfactory sensitivity suggest odor specificity.
Academic Article Fine particulate matter exposure and olfactory dysfunction among urban-dwelling older US adults.
Academic Article Field Survey Measures of Olfaction: The Olfactory Function Field Exam (OFFE).
Academic Article Factors Associated with Inaccurate Self-Reporting of Olfactory Dysfunction in Older US Adults.
Academic Article Nitrogen dioxide pollution exposure is associated with olfactory dysfunction in older U.S. adults.
Academic Article Olfactory Dysfunction Predicts Subsequent Dementia in Older U.S. Adults.
Academic Article Sleep and Olfaction among Older Adults.
Academic Article Olfactory dysfunction persists after smoking cessation and signals increased cardiovascular risk.

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