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Concept Radiotherapy
Concept Radiotherapy, Intensity-Modulated
Concept Radiotherapy, Conformal
Concept Radiotherapy Dosage
Concept Radiotherapy, Image-Guided
Concept Radiotherapy, Adjuvant
Academic Article The impact of hormonal therapy on sexual quality of life in men receiving intensity modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
Academic Article Clinical and molecular markers of long-term survival after oligometastasis-directed stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT).
Academic Article Dosimetric Predictors of Radiation-Induced Vaginal Stenosis After Pelvic Radiation Therapy for Rectal and Anal Cancer.
Academic Article Clinical and dosimetric predictors of acute hematologic toxicity in rectal cancer patients undergoing chemoradiotherapy.
Academic Article Outcomes after whole brain reirradiation in patients with brain metastases.
Academic Article Bladder dose-volume parameters are associated with urinary incontinence after postoperative intensity modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
Academic Article Patterns of care and survival outcomes examining radiation therapy for advanced Hodgkin lymphoma.
Academic Article High-risk Prostate Cancer Treated With Dose-escalated RT: An Analysis of Hormonal Therapy Use and Duration, and Prognostic Implications of PSA Nadir =0.2 to Select Men for Short-term Hormonal Therapy.
Academic Article Optimizing the Role of Surgery and Radiation Therapy in Urethral Cancer Based on Histology and Disease Extent.
Academic Article Potential role of radiation therapy in augmenting the activity of immunotherapy for gynecologic cancers.
Academic Article Estimating prognosis at the time of repeat whole brain radiation therapy for multiple brain metastases: The reirradiation score.
Academic Article Late toxicity after post-prostatectomy intensity modulated radiation therapy: Evaluating normal-tissue sparing guidelines.
Academic Article Current recommendations and recent progress in endometrial cancer.
Academic Article Adjuvant vaginal brachytherapy and chemotherapy versus pelvic radiotherapy in early-stage endometrial cancer: Outcomes by risk factors.
Academic Article Radiation-Induced Sarcoma After Heterotopic Ossification Prophylaxis: A Case Report.
Academic Article The use of complementary and integrative therapies as adjunct interventions during radiotherapy: a systematic review.
Academic Article Local Control and Use of External Beam Parametrial Boost in the Era of Image-Guided Brachytherapy for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer.
Academic Article Communicating the Gynecologic Brachytherapy Experience (CoGBE): Clinician perceived benefits of a graphic narrative discussion guide.
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