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Concept Quercus
Academic Article Phylogeny and biogeography of East Asian evergreen oaks (Quercus section Cyclobalanopsis; Fagaceae): Insights into the Cenozoic history of evergreen broad-leaved forests in subtropical Asia.
Academic Article Phylogenomic inferences from reference-mapped and de novo assembled short-read sequence data using RADseq sequencing of California white oaks (Quercus section Quercus).
Academic Article The role of diversification in community assembly of the oaks (Quercus L.) across the continental U.S.
Academic Article A genetic legacy of introgression confounds phylogeny and biogeography in oaks.
Academic Article Phylogenomics reveals a complex evolutionary history of lobed-leaf white oaks in western North America.
Academic Article Native plant diversity increases herbivory to non-natives.
Academic Article Sympatric parallel diversification of major oak clades in the Americas and the origins of Mexican species diversity.
Academic Article Historical introgression among the American live oaks and the comparative nature of tests for introgression.
Academic Article Global patterns of leaf defenses in oak species.
Academic Article The evolution and diversification of the red oaks of the California Floristic Province (Quercus section Lobatae, series Agrifoliae).
Academic Article A framework phylogeny of the American oak clade based on sequenced RAD data.
Academic Article Uncovering the genomic signature of ancient introgression between white oak lineages (Quercus).
Academic Article Ancient events and climate adaptive capacity shaped distinct chloroplast genetic structure in the oak lineages.
Academic Article Climate and phylogenetic history structure morphological and architectural trait variation among fine-root orders.
Academic Article Niche evolution in a northern temperate tree lineage: biogeographical legacies in cork oaks (Quercus section Cerris).
Academic Article Drought response strategies are coupled with leaf habit in 35 evergreen and deciduous oak (Quercus) species across a climatic gradient in the Americas.
Academic Article Ancient tree genomes for old questions.
Academic Article Divergence and reticulation in the Mexican white oaks: ecological and phylogenomic evidence on species limits and phylogenetic networks in the Quercus laeta complex (Fagaceae).
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