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Concept Protein Conformation
Academic Article Polymerization of MIP-1 chemokine (CCL3 and CCL4) and clearance of MIP-1 by insulin-degrading enzyme.
Academic Article Structural basis for oligomerization and glycosaminoglycan binding of CCL5 and CCL3.
Academic Article A metastable state in folding simulations of a protein model.
Academic Article Understanding beta-hairpin formation.
Academic Article Elastic energy storage in beta-sheets with application to F1-ATPase.
Academic Article Grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations of water in protein environments.
Academic Article Conformational sampling via a self-regulating effective energy surface.
Academic Article Use of quantitative structure-property relationships to predict the folding ability of model proteins.
Academic Article Understanding protein folding via free-energy surfaces from theory and experiment.
Academic Article Is protein unfolding the reverse of protein folding? A lattice simulation analysis.
Academic Article Molecular dynamics simulations of nucleotide release from the circadian clock protein KaiC reveal atomic-resolution functional insights.
Academic Article Implications of alternative substrate binding modes for catalysis by uracil-DNA glycosylase: an apparent discrepancy resolved.
Academic Article A two-step nucleotide-flipping mechanism enables kinetic discrimination of DNA lesions by AGT.
Academic Article Insulin Dissociates by Diverse Mechanisms of Coupled Unfolding and Unbinding.
Academic Article Structural Ensemble of the Insulin Monomer.
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