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Concept Protein Folding
Academic Article A metastable state in folding simulations of a protein model.
Academic Article The folding mechanism of larger model proteins: role of native structure.
Academic Article Comment on the Communication "The Key to Solving the Protein-Folding Problem Lies in an Accurate Description of the Denatured State" by van Gunsteren et al. We thank Eugene Shakhnovich (Harvard University) for pointing out the references on lattice polymer simulations and very helpful discussions. We also thank Wilfred van Gunsteren for comments on the manuscript. A.R.D. is a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Hitchings-Elion Postdoctoral Fellow. The work done at Harvard was supported in part by the Nat...
Academic Article Extracting physically intuitive reaction coordinates from transition networks of a beta-sheet miniprotein.
Academic Article Understanding protein folding via free-energy surfaces from theory and experiment.
Academic Article Is protein unfolding the reverse of protein folding? A lattice simulation analysis.
Academic Article The roles of stability and contact order in determining protein folding rates.
Academic Article Use of a quantitative structure-property relationship to design larger model proteins that fold rapidly.
Academic Article Delineation of folding pathways of a ß-sheet miniprotein.
Academic Article Insulin Dissociates by Diverse Mechanisms of Coupled Unfolding and Unbinding.
Academic Article Long-Time-Scale Predictions from Short-Trajectory Data: A Benchmark Analysis of the Trp-Cage Miniprotein.

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