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Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Concept Rats, Wistar
Concept Rats
Concept Rats, Long-Evans
Grant CRCNS: Dynamical mechanisms of oscillation transitions in the olfactory system
Academic Article Interplay between sniffing and odorant sorptive properties in the rat.
Academic Article A beta oscillation network in the rat olfactory system during a 2-alternative choice odor discrimination task.
Academic Article Chemical factors determine olfactory system beta oscillations in waking rats.
Academic Article Receptor contributions to configural and elemental odor mixture perception.
Academic Article Gamma and Beta Oscillations Define a Sequence of Neurocognitive Modes Present in Odor Processing.
Academic Article The olfactory bulb theta rhythm follows all frequencies of diaphragmatic respiration in the freely behaving rat.
Academic Article Rat behavior in go/no-go and two-alternative choice odor discrimination: differences and similarities.
Academic Article An olfacto-hippocampal network is dynamically involved in odor-discrimination learning.
Academic Article Task-Dependent Behavioral Dynamics Make the Case for Temporal Integration in Multiple Strategies during Odor Processing.
Academic Article How global are olfactory bulb oscillations?
Academic Article A critical test of the overlap hypothesis for odor mixture perception.
Academic Article Olfactory bulb gamma oscillations are enhanced with task demands.
Academic Article Theta oscillations and sensorimotor performance.
Academic Article Affective and adrenocorticotrophic responses to photoperiod in Wistar rats.
Academic Article Pharmacological manipulation of the olfactory bulb modulates beta oscillations: testing model predictions.
Academic Article Reafference and attractors in the olfactory system during odor recognition.
Academic Article Odor- and context-dependent modulation of mitral cell activity in behaving rats.
Academic Article Bidirectional processing in the olfactory-limbic axis during olfactory behavior.
Academic Article Directional coupling from the olfactory bulb to the hippocampus during a go/no-go odor discrimination task.
Academic Article Transfer of Odor Perception From the Retronasal to the Orthonasal Pathway.
Academic Article Long-Range Respiratory and Theta Oscillation Networks Depend on Spatial Sensory Context.
Grant CRCNS-Multiple olfactory gamma oscillations: roles in sensation and attention
Academic Article Testing effects of trigeminal stimulation on binary odor mixture quality in rats.
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