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Academic Article The role of spatial selective attention in working memory for locations: evidence from event-related potentials.
Academic Article Attending multiple items decreases the selectivity of population responses in human primary visual cortex.
Academic Article Resolving visual interference during covert spatial orienting: online attentional control through static records of prior visual experience.
Academic Article Increased sensitivity to perceptual interference in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Academic Article The role of context in volitional control of feature-based attention.
Academic Article Evidence for a fixed capacity limit in attending multiple locations.
Academic Article Spatial attention, preview, and popout: which factors influence critical spacing in crowded displays?
Academic Article Electrophysiological evidence for failures of item individuation in crowded visual displays.
Academic Article Feature-Selective Attentional Modulations in Human Frontoparietal Cortex.
Academic Article The role of alpha oscillations in spatial attention: limited evidence for a suppression account.
Academic Article Top-down control over biased competition during covert spatial orienting.
Academic Article Evidence for split attentional foci.
Academic Article Object-based biased competition during covert spatial orienting.
Academic Article Alpha-band Activity Tracks the Zoom Lens of Attention.
Academic Article Covert Spatial Attention Speeds Target Individuation.
Academic Article Multivariate analysis of EEG activity indexes contingent attentional capture.
Academic Article Sustained Attention and Spatial Attention Distinctly Influence Long-term Memory Encoding.
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