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Academic Article Visual working memory represents a fixed number of items regardless of complexity.
Academic Article The elusive link between conflict and conflict adaptation.
Academic Article Chunking in working memory via content-free labels.
Academic Article Conflict adaptation effects in the absence of executive control.
Academic Article Evidence for two components of object-based selection.
Academic Article Statistical learning induces discrete shifts in the allocation of working memory resources.
Academic Article Factorial comparison of working memory models.
Academic Article Induced a rhythms track the content and quality of visual working memory representations with high temporal precision.
Academic Article Neural measures reveal a fixed item limit in subitizing.
Academic Article Working memory delay activity predicts individual differences in cognitive abilities.
Academic Article The positional-specificity effect reveals a passive-trace contribution to visual short-term memory.
Academic Article Top-down control over biased competition during covert spatial orienting.
Academic Article The capacity of audiovisual integration is limited to one item.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent learning and practice-dependent deterioration in an orientation discrimination task.
Academic Article A neural measure of precision in visual working memory.
Academic Article Real-time triggering reveals concurrent lapses of attention and working memory.
Academic Article Covert Spatial Attention Speeds Target Individuation.
Academic Article Multivariate analysis of EEG activity indexes contingent attentional capture.
Academic Article Controlling the Flow of Distracting Information in Working Memory.
Academic Article Spatially Guided Distractor Suppression during Visual Search.
Academic Article Pupillometry signatures of sustained attention and working memory.
Grant Neural and Behavioral Mechanisms of Distractor Exclusion
Grant Neural indices of online and offline states in human working memory
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