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Concept Reaction Time
Academic Article Human variation in overriding attentional capture.
Academic Article Visual working memory represents a fixed number of items regardless of complexity.
Academic Article Attentional enhancement during multiple-object tracking.
Academic Article The visual N1 component as an index of a discrimination process.
Academic Article Delayed working memory consolidation during the attentional blink.
Academic Article Lower region: a new cue for figure-ground assignment.
Academic Article Neural Evidence for the Contribution of Active Suppression During Working Memory Filtering.
Academic Article Statistical learning induces discrete shifts in the allocation of working memory resources.
Academic Article Storage of features, conjunctions and objects in visual working memory.
Academic Article The comparison of visual working memory representations with perceptual inputs.
Academic Article Fractionating working memory: consolidation and maintenance are independent processes.
Academic Article Neural measures reveal a fixed item limit in subitizing.
Academic Article Working memory delay activity predicts individual differences in cognitive abilities.
Academic Article Neural limits to representing objects still within view.
Academic Article Visual search demands dictate reliance on working memory storage.
Academic Article Visual search remains efficient when visual working memory is full.
Academic Article Individual differences in recovery time from attentional capture.
Academic Article Controlling the Flow of Distracting Information in Working Memory.
Academic Article Pupillometry signatures of sustained attention and working memory.
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