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Concept Cell Movement
Academic Article Epithelial rotation promotes the global alignment of contractile actin bundles during Drosophila egg chamber elongation.
Academic Article Model for adhesion clutch explains biphasic relationship between actin flow and traction at the cell leading edge.
Academic Article Dynamic and structural signatures of lamellar actomyosin force generation.
Academic Article Regulation of cell motile behavior by crosstalk between cadherin- and integrin-mediated adhesions.
Academic Article Mechanical integration of actin and adhesion dynamics in cell migration.
Academic Article Probing intracellular force distributions by high-resolution live cell imaging and inverse dynamics.
Academic Article Contact guidance requires spatial control of leading-edge protrusion.
Academic Article Lamellipodium is a myosin-independent mechanosensor.
Academic Article Dia1-dependent adhesions are required by epithelial tissues to initiate invasion.
Academic Article Arp2/3 inhibition induces amoeboid-like protrusions in MCF10A epithelial cells by reduced cytoskeletal-membrane coupling and focal adhesion assembly.
Academic Article Preparation of complaint matrices for quantifying cellular contraction.
Academic Article Local cortical tension by myosin II guides 3D endothelial cell branching.
Academic Article Traction stress in focal adhesions correlates biphasically with actin retrograde flow speed.
Academic Article Protrusive activity guides changes in cell-cell tension during epithelial cell scattering.
Academic Article Cell-substrate interactions.
Academic Article PyK2 and FAK connections to p190Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor regulate RhoA activity, focal adhesion formation, and cell motility.
Academic Article Force localization modes in dynamic epithelial colonies.
Academic Article Measuring the mechanical stress induced by an expanding multicellular tumor system: a case study.
Academic Article RhoA Mediates Epithelial Cell Shape Changes via Mechanosensitive Endocytosis.
Academic Article Dia1 coordinates differentiation and cell sorting in a stratified epithelium.
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