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Concept Cell Movement
Concept Cell Migration Inhibition
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Academic Article The promotion of endothelial cell attachment and spreading using FNIII10 fused to VEGF-A165.
Academic Article An agarose-based microfluidic platform with a gradient buffer for 3D chemotaxis studies.
Academic Article Perivascular Macrophages Limit Permeability.
Academic Article Transmural flow modulates cell and fluid transport functions of lymphatic endothelium.
Academic Article ADAM17 Promotes Motility, Invasion, and Sprouting of Lymphatic Endothelial Cells.
Academic Article Interstitial flow as a guide for lymphangiogenesis.
Academic Article Tumor cell invasion is promoted by interstitial flow-induced matrix priming by stromal fibroblasts.
Academic Article Impaired humoral immunity and tolerance in K14-VEGFR-3-Ig mice that lack dermal lymphatic drainage.
Academic Article Long-term intravital immunofluorescence imaging of tissue matrix components with epifluorescence and two-photon microscopy.
Academic Article Secondary lymphedema in the mouse tail: Lymphatic hyperplasia, VEGF-C upregulation, and the protective role of MMP-9.
Academic Article Lymphatic drainage function and its immunological implications: from dendritic cell homing to vaccine design.
Academic Article Cooperative and redundant roles of VEGFR-2 and VEGFR-3 signaling in adult lymphangiogenesis.
Academic Article Migration dynamics of breast cancer cells in a tunable 3D interstitial flow chamber.
Academic Article An in vitro model of the tumor-lymphatic microenvironment with simultaneous transendothelial and luminal flows reveals mechanisms of flow enhanced invasion.
Academic Article Vascular endothelial growth factor-C and C-C chemokine receptor 7 in tumor cell-lymphatic cross-talk promote invasive phenotype.
Academic Article Characterization of lymphangiogenesis in a model of adult skin regeneration.
Academic Article Local induction of lymphangiogenesis with engineered fibrin-binding VEGF-C promotes wound healing by increasing immune cell trafficking and matrix remodeling.
Academic Article Collecting lymphatic vessel permeability facilitates adipose tissue inflammation and distribution of antigen to lymph node-homing adipose tissue dendritic cells.
Academic Article ADAM17 silencing in mouse colon carcinoma cells: the effect on tumoricidal cytokines and angiogenesis.
Academic Article Normal dendritic cell mobilization to lymph nodes under conditions of severe lymphatic hypoplasia.
Academic Article Overexpression of VEGF-C causes transient lymphatic hyperplasia but not increased lymphangiogenesis in regenerating skin.
Academic Article Dendritic cell chemotaxis in 3D under defined chemokine gradients reveals differential response to ligands CCL21 and CCL19.
Academic Article Emerging roles of lymphatic endothelium in regulating adaptive immunity.
Academic Article Lymphoidal chemokine CCL19 promoted the heterogeneity of the breast tumor cell motility within a 3D microenvironment revealed by a Lévy distribution analysis.
Grant Cholesterol and Lymphatic Transport of Molecules and Cells
Grant Lymph vs. blood angiogenesis: functional differences in*
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