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Academic Article The speed of morality: a high-density electrical neuroimaging study.
Academic Article Preliminary functional MRI neural correlates of executive functioning and empathy in children with obstructive sleep apnea.
Academic Article Callous traits in children with and without conduct problems predict reduced connectivity when viewing harm to others.
Academic Article Gender differences in the mu rhythm of the human mirror-neuron system.
Academic Article Passive and motivated perception of emotional faces: qualitative and quantitative changes in the face processing network.
Academic Article Neural correlates of feeling sympathy.
Academic Article Perspective taking is associated with specific facial responses during empathy for pain.
Academic Article Social neuroscience approaches to interpersonal sensitivity.
Academic Article Convergence of interoception, emotion, and social cognition: A twofold fMRI meta-analysis and lesion approach.
Academic Article Socioemotional processing of morally-laden behavior and their consequences on others in forensic psychopaths.
Academic Article The functional architecture of human empathy.
Academic Article Voice and emotion processing in the human neonatal brain.
Academic Article To what extent do we share the pain of others? Insight from the neural bases of pain empathy.
Academic Article Dissociation between affective sharing and emotion understanding in juvenile psychopaths.
Academic Article Specific electrophysiological components disentangle affective sharing and empathic concern in psychopathy.
Academic Article Being the target of another's emotion: a PET study.
Academic Article The contribution of emotion and cognition to moral sensitivity: a neurodevelopmental study.
Academic Article Empathy and moral emotions in post-apartheid South Africa: an fMRI investigation.
Academic Article Differentiating emotional processing and attention in psychopathy with functional neuroimaging.
Academic Article How would you feel versus how do you think she would feel? A neuroimaging study of perspective-taking with social emotions.
Academic Article Emotional processing in Colombian ex-combatants and its relationship with empathy and executive functions.
Academic Article "Feeling" the pain of those who are different from us: Modulation of EEG in the mu/alpha range.
Academic Article Abnormal fronto-limbic engagement in incarcerated stimulant users during moral processing.
Academic Article The power of simulation: imagining one's own and other's behavior.
Academic Article Social brain dysfunctions in schizophrenia: a review of neuroimaging studies.
Academic Article Neural processing of dynamic emotional facial expressions in psychopaths.
Academic Article The neural correlates of justified and unjustified killing: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Neurosciences, empathy, and healthy interpersonal relationships: recent findings and implications for counseling psychology.
Academic Article Empathy and motivation for justice: Cognitive empathy and concern, but not emotional empathy, predict sensitivity to injustice for others.
Academic Article Gender differences in the mu rhythm during empathy for pain: an electroencephalographic study.
Academic Article The neural substrate of human empathy: effects of perspective-taking and cognitive appraisal.
Academic Article Putting together phylogenetic and ontogenetic perspectives on empathy.
Academic Article The complex relation between morality and empathy.
Academic Article Attachment patterns trigger differential neural signature of emotional processing in adolescents.
Academic Article Pleasing frowns, disappointing smiles: an ERP investigation of counterempathy.
Academic Article [Naturalizing empathy].
Academic Article What are you feeling? Using functional magnetic resonance imaging to assess the modulation of sensory and affective responses during empathy for pain.
Academic Article Imagining being the agent of actions that carry different moral consequences: an fMRI study.
Academic Article From emotion resonance to empathic understanding: a social developmental neuroscience account.
Academic Article Is the extrastriate body area (EBA) sensitive to the perception of pain in others?
Academic Article Empathy, sympathy and the perception of pain.
Academic Article Physiological dynamics of stress contagion.
Academic Article Third-Party Sociomoral Evaluations in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article Third-party punishment following observed social rejection.
Academic Article Effects of early adversity and social discrimination on empathy for complex mental states: An fMRI investigation.
Academic Article [The contribution of forensic neuroscience to psychopathy].
Academic Article Increases in loneliness during medical school are associated with increases in individuals' likelihood of mislabeling emotions as negative.
Academic Article Psychopathy is associated with fear-specific reductions in neural activity during affective perspective-taking.
Academic Article The Difference Spotting Task: A new nonverbal measure of cheating behavior.
Academic Article Moral Emotions and Their Brain Structural Correlates Across Neurodegenerative Disorders.
Grant Neurological mechanisms in Emotional Processes of Psychopathy
Grant Socioemotional processing in female offenders - Resubmission 01
Academic Article The role of external factors in affect-sharing and their neural bases.
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