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Concept Interpersonal Relations
Academic Article Gender differences in the mu rhythm of the human mirror-neuron system.
Academic Article Neural correlates of feeling sympathy.
Academic Article What you believe versus what you think they believe: a neuroimaging study of conceptual perspective-taking.
Academic Article Social neuroscience approaches to interpersonal sensitivity.
Academic Article When the self represents the other: a new cognitive neuroscience view on psychological identification.
Academic Article Socioemotional processing of morally-laden behavior and their consequences on others in forensic psychopaths.
Academic Article The role of oxytocin in empathy to the pain of conflictual out-group members among patients with schizophrenia.
Academic Article The contribution of emotion and cognition to moral sensitivity: a neurodevelopmental study.
Academic Article How would you feel versus how do you think she would feel? A neuroimaging study of perspective-taking with social emotions.
Academic Article The role of the right temporoparietal junction in social interaction: how low-level computational processes contribute to meta-cognition.
Academic Article Emotional processing in Colombian ex-combatants and its relationship with empathy and executive functions.
Academic Article Interpersonal traits of psychopathy linked to reduced integrity of the uncinate fasciculus.
Academic Article The power of simulation: imagining one's own and other's behavior.
Academic Article Neurosciences, empathy, and healthy interpersonal relationships: recent findings and implications for counseling psychology.
Academic Article Abnormalities of brain function during a nonverbal theory of mind task in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Social neuroscience: challenges and opportunities in the study of complex behavior.
Academic Article The relationship between cavum septum pellucidum and psychopathic traits in female offenders.
Academic Article Pleasing frowns, disappointing smiles: an ERP investigation of counterempathy.
Academic Article Who caused the pain? An fMRI investigation of empathy and intentionality in children.
Academic Article Oxytocin and empathy to pain in schizophrenia: a reply.
Academic Article Weaving the fabric of social interaction: articulating developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience in the domain of motor cognition.
Academic Article Motor cognition: a new paradigm to study self-other interactions.
Academic Article Brain regions involved in the perception of gaze: a PET study.
Academic Article From emotion resonance to empathic understanding: a social developmental neuroscience account.
Academic Article The detection of intentional contingencies in simple animations in patients with delusions of persecution.
Academic Article Brain circuits involved in understanding our own and other's internal states in the context of romantic relationships.

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