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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Preliminary genetic imaging study of the association between estrogen receptor-a gene polymorphisms and harsh human maternal parenting.
Academic Article Atypical empathic responses in adolescents with aggressive conduct disorder: a functional MRI investigation.
Academic Article Preliminary functional MRI neural correlates of executive functioning and empathy in children with obstructive sleep apnea.
Academic Article Association of regional gray matter volumes in the brain with disruptive behavior disorders in male and female children.
Academic Article Callous traits in children with and without conduct problems predict reduced connectivity when viewing harm to others.
Academic Article In the eye of the beholder: individual differences in perceived social isolation predict regional brain activation to social stimuli.
Academic Article Increased frontotemporal activation during pain observation in sexual sadism: preliminary findings.
Academic Article Empathy and judging other's pain: an fMRI study of alexithymia.
Academic Article Does perception of biological motion rely on specific brain regions?
Academic Article Passive and motivated perception of emotional faces: qualitative and quantitative changes in the face processing network.
Academic Article The human mirror neuron system in a population with deficient self-awareness: an fMRI study in alexithymia.
Academic Article How the brain perceives causality: an event-related fMRI study.
Academic Article Possible involvement of primary motor cortex in mentally simulated movement: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article MRI measurement of the functional blood flow changes in a large superficial vein draining the motor cortex.
Academic Article Convergence of interoception, emotion, and social cognition: A twofold fMRI meta-analysis and lesion approach.
Academic Article Socioemotional processing of morally-laden behavior and their consequences on others in forensic psychopaths.
Academic Article Brain Volume Correlates with Duration of Abstinence from Substance Abuse in a Region-Specific and Substance-Specific Manner.
Academic Article Increased Moral Sensitivity for Outgroup Perpetrators Harming Ingroup Members.
Academic Article Brain response to empathy-eliciting scenarios involving pain in incarcerated individuals with psychopathy.
Academic Article Functional MRI of the human brain: predominance of signals from extracerebral veins.
Academic Article Age of gray matters: Neuroprediction of recidivism.
Academic Article I know the pain you feel-how the human brain's default mode predicts our resonance to another's suffering.
Academic Article An fMRI study of affective perspective taking in individuals with psychopathy: imagining another in pain does not evoke empathy.
Academic Article Self-perspective leads to increased activation of pain processing brain regions in fibromyalgia.
Academic Article Modulating the experience of agency: a positron emission tomography study.
Academic Article Meta-analytic evidence for common and distinct neural networks associated with directly experienced pain and empathy for pain.
Academic Article The blame game: the effect of responsibility and social stigma on empathy for pain.
Academic Article The contribution of emotion and cognition to moral sensitivity: a neurodevelopmental study.
Academic Article Impulsive-antisocial psychopathic traits linked to increased volume and functional connectivity within prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Empathy and moral emotions in post-apartheid South Africa: an fMRI investigation.
Academic Article Lateral orbitofrontal cortex activity is modulated by group membership in situations of justified and unjustified violence.
Academic Article Love hurts: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Abnormal cortical gyrification in criminal psychopathy.
Academic Article Individual differences in local gray matter density are associated with differences in affective and cognitive empathy.
Academic Article Neural networks underlying implicit and explicit moral evaluations in psychopathy.
Academic Article Neural correlates of deficits in pain-related affective meaning construction in patients with chronic pain disorder.
Academic Article Aging is associated with changes in the neural circuits underlying empathy.
Academic Article The role of the right temporoparietal junction in social interaction: how low-level computational processes contribute to meta-cognition.
Academic Article Abnormal fronto-limbic engagement in incarcerated stimulant users during moral processing.
Academic Article How do we perceive the pain of others? A window into the neural processes involved in empathy.
Academic Article Testosterone administration in females modulates moral judgment and patterns of brain activation and functional connectivity.
Academic Article Motivation modulates the activity of the human mirror-neuron system.
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental changes in the circuits underlying empathy and sympathy from childhood to adulthood.
Academic Article Neural processing of dynamic emotional facial expressions in psychopaths.
Academic Article Alterations in brain activation during cognitive empathy are related to social functioning in schizophrenia.
Academic Article The neural correlates of justified and unjustified killing: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Socio-neuro risk factors for suicidal behavior in criminal offenders with psychotic disorders.
Academic Article Neural circuits involved in imitation and perspective-taking.
Academic Article The neural substrate of human empathy: effects of perspective-taking and cognitive appraisal.
Academic Article Impairment of grasping movements following a bilateral posterior parietal lesion.
Academic Article The relationship between cavum septum pellucidum and psychopathic traits in female offenders.
Academic Article Do patients with fibromyalgia show abnormal neural responses to the observation of pain in others?
Academic Article Aberrant functional network connectivity in psychopathy from a large (N = 985) forensic sample.
Academic Article Functional connectivity during affective mentalizing in criminal offenders with psychotic disorders: Associations with clinical symptoms.
Academic Article Empathy examined through the neural mechanisms involved in imagining how I feel versus how you feel pain.
Academic Article Machine learning of brain gray matter differentiates sex in a large forensic sample.
Academic Article The neural bases of cooperation and competition: an fMRI investigation.
Academic Article The neuroscience of group membership.
Academic Article Empathic arousal and social understanding in individuals with autism: evidence from fMRI and ERP measurements.
Academic Article Who caused the pain? An fMRI investigation of empathy and intentionality in children.
Academic Article Predicting the actions of others taps into one's own somatosensory representations--a functional MRI study.
Academic Article The Good, the bad, and the just: justice sensitivity predicts neural response during moral evaluation of actions performed by others.
Academic Article Amygdala subnuclei connectivity in response to violence reveals unique influences of individual differences in psychopathic traits in a nonforensic sample.
Academic Article Brain response to viewing others being harmed in children with conduct disorder symptoms.
Academic Article What are you feeling? Using functional magnetic resonance imaging to assess the modulation of sensory and affective responses during empathy for pain.
Academic Article The influence of group membership and individual differences in psychopathy and perspective taking on neural responses when punishing and rewarding others.
Academic Article Prior exposure to extreme pain alters neural response to pain in others.
Academic Article Imagining being the agent of actions that carry different moral consequences: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Social context and perceived agency affects empathy for pain: an event-related fMRI investigation.
Academic Article Sex differences in the neuroanatomy of human mirror-neuron system: a voxel-based morphometric investigation.
Academic Article An fMRI study of imitation: action representation and body schema.
Academic Article The perception of pain in others suppresses somatosensory oscillations: a magnetoencephalography study.
Academic Article Brain regions involved in the perception of gaze: a PET study.
Academic Article How do we empathize with someone who is not like us? A functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article Is the extrastriate body area (EBA) sensitive to the perception of pain in others?
Academic Article Brain circuits involved in understanding our own and other's internal states in the context of romantic relationships.
Academic Article Resting-state fMRI dynamic functional network connectivity and associations with psychopathy traits.
Academic Article Effects of early adversity and social discrimination on empathy for complex mental states: An fMRI investigation.
Academic Article Empathy in Medicine: What It Is, and How Much We Really Need It.
Academic Article Me first: Neural representations of fairness during three-party interactions.
Academic Article Psychopathy is associated with fear-specific reductions in neural activity during affective perspective-taking.
Academic Article The Dark Side of Morality - Neural Mechanisms Underpinning Moral Convictions and Support for Violence.
Academic Article Neural responses to morally laden interactions in female inmates with psychopathy.
Academic Article Psychopathic traits modulate functional connectivity during pain perception and perspective-taking in female inmates.
Academic Article Reduced structural integrity of the uncinate fasciculus in incarcerated women scoring high on psychopathy.
Academic Article Moral Emotions and Their Brain Structural Correlates Across Neurodegenerative Disorders.
Grant Neurological mechanisms in Emotional Processes of Psychopathy
Grant Socioemotional processing in female offenders - Resubmission 01
Grant Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience of Atypical Empathy in Conduct Disorder
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