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Concept Cell Membrane
Academic Article Probing the Conformational and Energy Landscapes of KRAS Membrane Orientation.
Academic Article Dynamics of Membrane-Bound G12V-KRAS from Simulations and Single-Molecule FRET in Native Nanodiscs.
Academic Article AMPK and Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Signaling Regulates K-Ras Plasma Membrane Interactions via Cyclic GMP-Dependent Protein Kinase 2.
Academic Article Lipid-Sorting Specificity Encoded in K-Ras Membrane Anchor Regulates Signal Output.
Academic Article Three distinct regions of cRaf kinase domain interact with membrane.
Academic Article pMD-Membrane: A Method for Ligand Binding Site Identification in Membrane-Bound Proteins.
Academic Article Lessons from computer simulations of Ras proteins in solution and in membrane.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal Analysis of K-Ras Plasma Membrane Interactions Reveals Multiple High Order Homo-oligomeric Complexes.
Academic Article Oncogenic K-Ras Binds to an Anionic Membrane in Two Distinct Orientations: A Molecular Dynamics Analysis.
Academic Article Membrane orientation dynamics of lipid-modified small GTPases.
Academic Article Ras and the Plasma Membrane: A Complicated Relationship.
Academic Article A regulatory role of membrane by direct modulation of the catalytic kinase domain.
Academic Article The KRAS and other prenylated polybasic domain membrane anchors recognize phosphatidylserine acyl chain structure.
Academic Article Determinants of Membrane Orientation Dynamics in Lipid-Modified Small GTPases.

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