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Academic Article Universal signal generator for dynamic cell stimulation.
Academic Article Flow-switching allows independently programmable, extremely stable, high-throughput diffusion-based gradients.
Academic Article Real-time tracking, retrieval and gene expression analysis of migrating human T cells.
Academic Article Microfluidic cell culture.
Academic Article Cellular Decision Making by Non-Integrative Processing of TLR Inputs.
Academic Article High-throughput microfluidic single-cell analysis pipeline for studies of signaling dynamics.
Academic Article Digital signaling decouples activation probability and population heterogeneity.
Academic Article Microfluidic single-cell analysis for systems immunology.
Academic Article Noise facilitates transcriptional control under dynamic inputs.
Academic Article Automated Microfluidic System for Dynamic Stimulation and Tracking of Single Cells.
Academic Article Ultra-multiplexed analysis of single-cell dynamics reveals logic rules in differentiation.
Academic Article Ultra-sensitive digital quantification of proteins and mRNA in single cells.
Academic Article A microfluidic device for measuring cell migration towards substrate-bound and soluble chemokine gradients.
Academic Article Viable cell culture in PDMS-based microfluidic devices.
Academic Article Automated microfluidic platform for dynamic and combinatorial drug screening of tumor organoids.
Academic Article Ultra-Sensitive Quantification of Protein and mRNA in Single Mammalian Cells with Digital PLA.
Academic Article High-throughput co-culture system for analysis of spatiotemporal cell-cell signaling.
Academic Article Single-cell NF-kappaB dynamics reveal digital activation and analogue information processing.
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