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Concept Evoked Potentials, Auditory
Concept Evoked Potentials, Visual
Concept Evoked Potentials, Auditory, Brain Stem
Concept Evoked Potentials
Concept Evoked Potentials, Somatosensory
Academic Article Maturation of human visual evoked potentials: 27 weeks conceptional age to 2 years.
Academic Article Three-dimensional human pattern visual evoked potentials. I. Normal subjects.
Academic Article Tetrahedral recording of 3-D BAEPs: evidence for the centered dipole model.
Academic Article Three-dimensional human pattern visual evoked potentials. II. Multiple sclerosis patients.
Academic Article Transient inability to distinguish between faces: electrophysiologic studies.
Academic Article Three-dimensional human somatosensory evoked potentials.
Academic Article Electrophysiologic studies on locked-in patients: heterogeneity of findings.
Academic Article Hemi-field pattern visual evoked potentials: a comparison of display and analysis techniques.
Academic Article Vector analysis of three-dimensional evoked potentials: eccentric dipoles.
Academic Article Familial nocturnal cramping.
Academic Article The spatial location of EEG electrodes: locating the best-fitting sphere relative to cortical anatomy.
Academic Article Displaying electrocorticographic findings on gyral anatomy.
Academic Article Intra-operative localization of sensorimotor cortex by cortical somatosensory evoked potentials: from analysis of waveforms to dipole source modeling.
Academic Article Hypoglycemic thresholds for cognitive dysfunction in humans.
Academic Article Electrophysiological parameters in the evaluation of occipital apoplexy.
Academic Article Visually evoked response. Use in neurologic evaluation of posttraumatic subjective visual complaints.
Academic Article Correlation of brainstem evoked response with direct acoustic nerve potential.

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