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Concept Glomerular Filtration Rate
Academic Article The role of renal "work" in compensatory kidney growth.
Academic Article Independence of onset of compensatory kidney growth from changes in renal function.
Academic Article Reduced glomerular filtration rate and hypercalciuria in primary struvite nephrolithiasis.
Academic Article Pregnancy in women with kidney disease.
Academic Article Renal disease in pregnant women.
Academic Article Pregnancy and chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article An emerging role for relaxin as a renal vasodilator.
Academic Article Glomerular ultrafiltration in normal and preeclamptic pregnancy.
Academic Article Changes in renal haemodynamics and kidney weight during pregnancy in the unanaesthetized rat.
Academic Article Effect of oral protein loading on renal hemodynamics in human pregnancy.
Academic Article Renal handling of acute sodium loads in pregnancy.
Academic Article Renal function in normal and hypertensive pregnant rats.
Academic Article Renal function in pregnancy.
Academic Article Evidence that an acute increase in glomerular filtration has little effect on sodium excretion in the dog unless extracellular volume is expanded.
Academic Article Pregnancy and the kidney.
Academic Article Postural effects on renal function and volume homeostasis during pregnancy.
Academic Article Effect of pregnancy on the natural history of kidney disease.
Academic Article Role of posture in sodium, water, and potassium homeostasis of an abnormal pregnancy.
Academic Article Sodium depletion simulating deterioration in a toxemic pregnancy.
Academic Article Renal disease and pregnancy.
Academic Article The kidney and hypertension in pregnancy: twenty exciting years.
Academic Article Sodium and mineralocorticoids in normal and abnormal pregnancy.
Academic Article Effect of progesterone on renal sodium handling in man: relation to aldosterone excretion and plasma renin activity.
Academic Article Uremia in rats with normal kidneys: a model for the study of renal function in a uremic environment.
Academic Article Mechanism of impaired water excretion in the hypothyroid rat.
Academic Article Glomerular heteroporous membrane modeling in third trimester and postpartum before and during amino acid infusion.
Academic Article Renal sodium and water handling in pregnancy.
Academic Article Current concepts. The kidney in pregnancy.
Academic Article Relation of Na-K-ATPase to acute changes in renal tubular sodium and potassium transport.
Academic Article Pregnancy and CKD: any progress?
Academic Article Pathogenesis of endocrine abnormalities in uremia.
Academic Article Further characterization of the influence of supine posture on renal function in late pregnancy. Effect of rapid saline infusions on renal sodium, water and uric acid metabolism.
Academic Article Kidney function and sodium handling in the pregnant spontaneously hypertensive rat.
Academic Article Proteinuria during pregnancy: definition, pathophysiology, methodology, and clinical significance.
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