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Concept Posture
Academic Article Effect of posture on urinary protein patterns in nonpregmant, pregnant, and toxemic women.
Academic Article Effects of hypotonic expansion on sodium and water excretion in hypertensive non-pre-eclamptic gravidas.
Academic Article Plasma osmolality and urinary concentration and dilution during and after pregnancy: evidence that lateral recumbency inhibits maximal urinary concentrating ability.
Academic Article Mineralocorticoids in normal pregnancy.
Academic Article Renal function in pregnancy.
Academic Article Postural effects on renal function and volume homeostasis during pregnancy.
Academic Article Role of posture in sodium, water, and potassium homeostasis of an abnormal pregnancy.
Academic Article Sodium and mineralocorticoids in normal and abnormal pregnancy.
Academic Article Postural effects on Na and steroid excretion, and serum renin activity during pregnancy.
Academic Article Plasma catecholamine responses to physiologic stimuli in normal human pregnancy.
Academic Article Sodium metabolism, aldosterone and the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.
Academic Article Renal sodium and water handling in pregnancy.
Academic Article Further characterization of the influence of supine posture on renal function in late pregnancy. Effect of rapid saline infusions on renal sodium, water and uric acid metabolism.
Academic Article Effect of hypotonic expansion on sodium, water, and urea excretion in late pregnancy: the influence of posture on these results.
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