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Concept Pregnancy, Animal
Academic Article Effect of atrial natriuretic factor in rat pregnancy.
Academic Article The renal adaptation to pregnancy is now "NOS"-talgic.
Academic Article Pressor effect of endothelium-derived relaxing factor inhibition in conscious virgin and gravid rats.
Academic Article Contraction and endothelium-dependent relaxation in mesenteric microvessels from pregnant rats.
Academic Article Changes in renal haemodynamics and kidney weight during pregnancy in the unanaesthetized rat.
Academic Article Role of hemodynamic factors in osmoregulatory alterations of rat pregnancy.
Academic Article Water homeostasis and vasopressin release during rodent and human gestation.
Academic Article Renal function in normal and hypertensive pregnant rats.
Academic Article Kidney function in the pregnant rat.
Academic Article Regulation of blood pressure in pregnancy: pressor system blockade and stimulation.
Academic Article Osmoregulation during pregnancy in the rat. Evidence for resetting of the threshold for vasopressin secretion during gestation.
Academic Article Effect of autonomic blockade on pressor responses to vasopressin in pregnant rats.
Academic Article Effects of pregnancy on femoral microvascular responses in the rat.
Academic Article Total autonomic blockade eliminates the attenuated pressor response to angiotensin II in pregnant rats.
Academic Article Role of volume in the regulation of vasopressin secretion during pregnancy in the rat.
Academic Article Osmoregulation of thirst and vasopressin release in pregnancy.
Academic Article Osmoregulation in pseudopregnant and prolactin-treated rats: comparison with normal gestation.
Academic Article Peripheral metabolism of insulin, proinsulin, and C-peptide in the pregnant rat.
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