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Concept Binding, Competitive
Academic Article Evidence implicating I region-restricted antigen presentation in alloantigen and nominal antigen recognition by a dual-reactive helper T lymphocyte clone.
Academic Article Role of L3T4 and Ia in the heteroclitic response of T cells to cytochrome c.
Academic Article Effects of anti-Lyt-2 and anti-L3T4 monoclonal antibodies on the function of cytotoxic T lymphocyte/helper T lymphocyte hybrid T cell clones.
Academic Article Characterization of the murine T cell surface molecule, designated L3T4, identified by monoclonal antibody GK1.5: similarity of L3T4 to the human Leu-3/T4 molecule.
Academic Article Selective suppression of immune responses. Regulation of antibody formation and cell-mediated immunity by antibody.
Academic Article Cloned T lymphocytes and monoclonal antibodies as probes for cell surface molecules active in T cell-mediated cytolysis.
Academic Article IgG or IgM monoclonal antibodies reactive with different determinants on the molecular complex bearing Lyt 2 antigen block T cell-mediated cytolysis in the absence of complement.
Academic Article A clone-specific monoclonal antibody that inhibits cytolysis of a cytolytic T cell clone.
Academic Article Inhibition of proliferation of MIs- and Ia-reactive cloned T cells by a monoclonal antibody against a determinant shared by I-A and I-E.
Academic Article Evidence implicating L3T4 in class II MHC antigen reactivity; monoclonal antibody GK1.5 (anti-L3T4a) blocks class II MHC antigen-specific proliferation, release of lymphokines, and binding by cloned murine helper T lymphocyte lines.
Academic Article Lyt-2-/Lyt 3- variants of a cloned cytolytic T cell line lack an antigen receptor functional in cytolysis.
Academic Article Delayed clearance of morphine from the circulation of rabbits immunized with morphine-6-hemisuccinate bovine serum albumin.
Academic Article Monoclonal antibody to L3T4 blocks the function of T cells specific for class 2 major histocompatibility complex antigens.
Academic Article Antigen-reactive cloned helper T cells. II. Exposure of murine cloned helper T cells to IL 2-containing supernatant induces unresponsiveness to antigenic restimulation and inhibits lymphokine production after antigenic stimulation.
Academic Article Immunological enhancement of renal allografts.
Academic Article Immune reactivity of cells from long-term rat renal allograft survivors.
Academic Article An alternative pathway of induction of lymphokine production by T lymphocyte clones.
Academic Article Pretreatment of cloned helper T lymphocytes with IL-2 induces unresponsiveness to antigen and concanavalin A, associated with decreased inositol phosphate and diacylglycerol production.

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