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Concept Major Histocompatibility Complex
Academic Article The major histocompatibility complex-restricted antigen receptor on T cells. II. Role of the L3T4 product.
Academic Article Herpes simplex virus glycoprotein D is recognized as antigen by CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes from infected mice. Characterization of T cell clones.
Academic Article Monoclonal rat anti-major histocompatibility complex antibodies display specificity for rat, mouse, and human target cells.
Academic Article Properties of rat anti-MHC antibodies produced by cloned rat-mouse hybridomas.
Academic Article Cellular stimuli for rejection of sarcoma I tumor allografts by BALB/c recipient mice.
Academic Article I-region restriction of alloantigen recognition: alloantigen expressed on the surface of a hybridoma cell must be presented in the context of self class II major histocompatibility complex determinants for recognition by a dual-reactive T-cell clone.
Academic Article Some cloned murine CD4+ T cells recognize H-2Ld class I MHC determinants directly. Other cloned CD4+ T cells recognize H-2Ld class I MHC determinants in the context of class II MHC molecules.
Academic Article A T cell clone expresses two T cell receptor alpha genes but uses one alpha beta heterodimer for allorecognition and self MHC-restricted antigen recognition.
Academic Article T-lymphocyte subsets: major histocompatibility antigens rejection of H-2K or H-2I region disparate skin allografts by either Lyt-2+ or L3T4+ T-lymphocyte subset.
Academic Article Monoclonal antibody to L3T4 blocks the function of T cells specific for class 2 major histocompatibility complex antigens.

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