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Concept T-Lymphocyte Subsets
Academic Article Differential regulation of murine T lymphocyte subsets.
Academic Article B7.1 is a quantitatively stronger costimulus than B7.2 in the activation of naive CD8+ TCR-transgenic T cells.
Academic Article Differential activation of murine TH1 and TH2 clones.
Academic Article Regulation of T-cell activation: differences among T-cell subsets.
Academic Article The gamma chain of the high-affinity receptor for IgE is a major functional subunit of the T-cell antigen receptor complex in gamma delta T lymphocytes.
Academic Article "Anergy" of TH0 helper T lymphocytes induces downregulation of TH1 characteristics and a transition to a TH2-like phenotype.
Academic Article TCR-gamma delta cells in CD3 zeta-deficient mice contain Fc epsilon RI gamma in the receptor complex but are specifically unresponsive to antigen.
Academic Article Unique antigen recognition by a herpesvirus-specific TCR-gamma delta cell.
Academic Article Multiple components of the T cell antigen receptor complex become tyrosine-phosphorylated upon activation.
Academic Article Mechanisms of lysis by cytotoxic T lymphocyte clones. Lytic activity and gene expression in cloned antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes.
Academic Article Regulation of T lymphocyte subsets.
Academic Article Accessory molecules involved in antigen-mediated cytolysis and lymphokine production by cytotoxic T lymphocyte subsets. I. Identification of functions for the T cell surface molecules Ly-6C and Thy-1.
Academic Article Some cloned murine CD4+ T cells recognize H-2Ld class I MHC determinants directly. Other cloned CD4+ T cells recognize H-2Ld class I MHC determinants in the context of class II MHC molecules.
Academic Article T-lymphocyte subsets: major histocompatibility antigens rejection of H-2K or H-2I region disparate skin allografts by either Lyt-2+ or L3T4+ T-lymphocyte subset.

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