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Academic Article Improving breast cancer diagnosis with computer-aided diagnosis.
Academic Article Iterative image warping technique for temporal subtraction of sequential chest radiographs to detect interval change.
Academic Article Digital image subtraction of temporally sequential chest images for detection of interval change.
Academic Article Mechanisms of 5-azacytidine (5AzC)-induced toxicity in the rat foetal brain.
Academic Article Apoptosis of murine hepatocytes induced by high doses of galactosamine.
Academic Article Improved cold tolerance and its mechanism in cold-acclimated rats by high fat diet feeding.
Academic Article Development of early apopotosis and changes in lymphocyte subsets in lymphoid organs of mice orally inoculated with nivalenol.
Academic Article Strial dysfunction in a melanocyte deficient mutant rat (Ws/Ws rat).
Academic Article Eight-year observation and comparative study of specific pathogen-free cats experimentally infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) subtypes A and B: terminal acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in a cat infected with FIV petaluma strain.
Academic Article Changes of blood pressure, plasma renin activity and plasma aldosterone concentration following the infusion of Sar1-Ile8-angiotensin II in hypertensive, fluid and electrolyte disorders.
Academic Article Histopathological changes in the brain of mouse fetuses by etoposide-administration.
Academic Article [Clinical significance of electrically evoked auditory brainstem response].
Academic Article Plasma triglycerides and free fatty acids following fat load in Ainu.
Academic Article Aortic atheromatous lesions developed in APA hamsters with streptozotocin induced diabetes: a new animal model for diabetic atherosclerosis. 1. Histopathological studies.
Academic Article [Experience with 2 cases of traumatic diaphragmatic hernia occurred at the same time].
Academic Article Enhanced vascularization in a microporous polyurethane graft impregnated with basic fibroblast growth factor and heparin.
Academic Article Impairment of EDR by a long-term PDGF treatment in organ-cultured rabbit mesenteric artery.
Academic Article Rapid induction of atherosclerosis in rabbits.
Academic Article Relative efficiencies of energy to photographic density conversions in typical screen-film systems.
Academic Article Repair process of fetal brain after 5-azacytidine-induced damage.
Academic Article Rapid induction of glomerular lipidosis in APA hamsters by streptozotocin.
Academic Article Time-course expression profiles of hair cycle-associated genes in male mini rats after depilation of telogen-phase hairs.
Academic Article Time and cost involved in the care of newly registered patients with diabetes mellitus and other lifestyle diseases at diabetes clinics in Japan (JDDM 4).
Academic Article Effects of double UVB-irradiations with different intervals on the dorsal skin of wistar-derived hypotrichotic WBN/ILA-Ht rats.
Academic Article Process of the development of T-2 toxin-induced apoptosis in the lymphoid organs of mice.
Academic Article Comparative study on picryl chloride (PCL)-induced contact dermatitis in female IQI/Jic and BALB/c mice.
Academic Article Effect of temporal subtraction technique on interpretation time and diagnostic accuracy of chest radiography.
Academic Article Factors influencing the incidence and severity of swine-serum-induced bile duct lesion in mice.
Academic Article Red swamp crawfish (Procambarus clarkii): an alternative experimental host in the study of white spot syndrome virus.
Academic Article Significance of auditory evoked responses (EABR and P300) in cochlear implant subjects.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Effect of Tumor Position on Standardized Uptake Value Using Time-of-Flight Reconstruction and Point Spread Function.
Academic Article Kinetics of apoptosis-related genes mRNA expression in the dorsal skin of hypotrichotic WBN/ILA-ht rats after topical application of T-2 toxin.
Academic Article Kinetics of cytokines mRnas expression in the dorsal skin of WBN/ILA-Ht rats following topical application of T-2 toxin.
Academic Article Decreased glucose effectiveness but not insulin resistance in glucose-tolerant offspring of Japanese non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients: a minimal-model analysis.
Academic Article Development of an image operation system with a motion sensor in dental radiology.
Academic Article Dorsal skin responses to subchronic ultraviolet B (UVB)-irradiation in Wistar-derived hypotrichotic WBN/ILA-Ht rats.
Academic Article Expression of p53 and its transcriptional target genes mRNAs in the ethylnitrosourea-induced apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in the fetal central nervous system.
Academic Article Hepatic changes in the acute phase of streptozotocin (SZ)-induced diabetes in mice.
Academic Article Neural plasticity detected in short- and long-term cochlear implant users using PET.
Academic Article Diagnostic accuracy and reading time to detect intracranial aneurysms on MR angiography using a computer-aided diagnosis system.
Academic Article Cell cycle progression is required for nuclear migration of neural progenitor cells.
Academic Article Histopathological study on effects of potassium aspartate on the hypothalamus of rats.
Academic Article In vivo administration of serum thymic factor (FTS) prevents EMC-D virus-induced diabetes and myocarditis in BALB/cAJcl mice.
Academic Article Evidence of apoptosis in the subventricular zone and rostral migratory stream in the MPTP mouse model of Parkinson disease.
Academic Article Cell cycle and cell death regulation of neural progenitor cells in the 5-azacytidine (5AzC)-treated developing fetal brain.
Academic Article Differential modulation of nitric oxide and prostacyclin release in senescent rat heart stimulated by angiotensin II.
Academic Article [The prognostic value preoperative promontory testing in Japanese cochlear implant patients].
Academic Article Glucose effectiveness in two subtypes within impaired glucose tolerance. A minimal model analysis.
Academic Article Histopathological and immunohistochemical studies on arteritis induced by fenoldopam, a vasodilator, in rats.
Academic Article Temporal reduction in size of salivary acinus in rats induced by theophylline.
Academic Article Histopathological study of time course changes in PTHrP-induced incisor lesions of rats.
Academic Article Enhanced nephrotoxicity of acetaminophen in fructose-induced hypertriglyceridemic rats: effect of partial hepatectomy.
Academic Article Expression of ribosomal protein L4 (rpL4) during neurogenesis and 5-azacytidine (5AzC)-induced apoptotic process in the rat.
Academic Article Development of early apoptosis and changes in T-cell subsets in mouse thymocyte primary cultures treated with nivalenol.
Academic Article In vitro study on the effects of bradykinin potentiating factor and angiotensin II analogue on degradation and conversion of angiotensin I and II in plasma.
Academic Article Apoptosis in mouse fetuses from dams exposed to T-2 toxin at different days of gestation.
Academic Article Activation of type I interferon signaling in the parotid and exorbital lachrymal glands during the acute phase of encephalomyocarditis (EMC) virus infection in mice.
Academic Article Long-term effects of dietary fiber supplementation on serum glucose and lipoprotein levels in diabetic rats fed a high cholesterol diet.
Academic Article Sunburn reaction in the dorsal skin of hypotrichotic WBN/ILA-Ht rats.
Academic Article Development of a voxel-matching technique for substantial reduction of subtraction artifacts in temporal subtraction images obtained from thoracic MDCT.
Academic Article The disturbance of water-maze task performance in mice with EMC-D virus infection.
Academic Article Histopathological study on the PTHrP-induced incisor lesions in rats.
Academic Article Involvement of p53 in 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine-induced rat fetal brain lesions.
Academic Article Evaluation of the homogeneity of native T1 myocardial mapping using the polarity corrected inversion time preparation method in a myocardial phantom and healthy volunteers.
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