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Concept Hydrogen-Ion Concentration
Concept Proton-Translocating ATPases
Academic Article Recombinant antibody mediated delivery of organelle-specific DNA pH sensors along endocytic pathways.
Academic Article The poly dA helix: a new structural motif for high performance DNA-based molecular switches.
Academic Article A synthetic icosahedral DNA-based host-cargo complex for functional in vivo imaging.
Academic Article pH-Toggled DNA architectures: reversible assembly of three-way junctions into extended 1D architectures through A-motif formation.
Academic Article Tunable, colorimetric DNA-based pH sensors mediated by A-motif formation.
Academic Article A method to map spatiotemporal pH changes in a multicellular living organism using a DNA nanosensor.
Academic Article Tuning the pH Response of i-Motif DNA Oligonucleotides.
Academic Article A pH-correctable, DNA-based fluorescent reporter for organellar calcium.
Academic Article A method to map spatiotemporal pH changes inside living cells using a pH-triggered DNA nanoswitch.
Academic Article A pH-independent DNA nanodevice for quantifying chloride transport in organelles of living cells.
Academic Article An autonomous DNA nanomachine maps spatiotemporal pH changes in a multicellular living organism.
Academic Article A DNA-based fluorescent reporter maps HOCl production in the maturing phagosome.
Academic Article Design of ultrasensitive DNA-based fluorescent pH sensitive nanodevices.
Academic Article A DNA nanomachine chemically resolves lysosomes in live cells.
Academic Article Two DNA nanomachines map pH changes along intersecting endocytic pathways inside the same cell.
Academic Article A DNA nanomachine that maps spatial and temporal pH changes inside living cells.
Academic Article Chemically Resolving Lysosome Populations in Live Cells.
Academic Article Proton-activated chloride channel PAC regulates endosomal acidification and transferrin receptor-mediated endocytosis.
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