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Academic Article Insulin regulates carboxypeptidase E by modulating translation initiation scaffolding protein eIF4G1 in pancreatic ß cells.
Academic Article An In Vivo Zebrafish Model for Interrogating ROS-Mediated Pancreatic ß-Cell Injury, Response, and Prevention.
Academic Article Differential expression of cell cycle proteins during ageing of pancreatic islet cells.
Academic Article IFN-a induces a preferential long-lasting expression of MHC class I in human pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Noninvasive assessment of pancreatic beta-cell function in vivo with manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article The transcriptional repressor Nkx6.1 also functions as a deoxyribonucleic acid context-dependent transcriptional activator during pancreatic beta-cell differentiation: evidence for feedback activation of the nkx6.1 gene by Nkx6.1.
Academic Article Pdx1 (MODY4) regulates pancreatic beta cell susceptibility to ER stress.
Academic Article Covalent histone modifications underlie the developmental regulation of insulin gene transcription in pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Oscillatory glucose flux in INS 1 pancreatic ß cells: a self-referencing microbiosensor study.
Academic Article Transcription factors direct the development and function of pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article The roles of ATF3, an adaptive-response gene, in high-fat-diet-induced diabetes and pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction.
Academic Article An intracellular role for ABCG1-mediated cholesterol transport in the regulated secretory pathway of mouse pancreatic beta cells.
Academic Article Sirtuin 6 regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in mouse pancreatic beta cells.
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