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Concept Mammaplasty
Academic Article Oncologic Safety and Surveillance of Autologous Fat Grafting following Breast Conservation Therapy.
Academic Article A Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing the Effects of Lidocaine in Breast Reduction Surgery.
Academic Article Aseptic Freeze-Dried versus Sterile Wet-Packaged Human Cadaveric Acellular Dermal Matrix in Immediate Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction: A Propensity Score Analysis.
Academic Article Lipofilling of the Breast Does Not Increase the Risk of Recurrence of Breast Cancer: A Matched Controlled Study.
Academic Article Primary T-cell lymphoma associated with breast implant capsule.
Academic Article Immediate Contralateral Mastopexy/Breast Reduction for Symmetry Can Be Performed Safely in Oncoplastic Breast-Conserving Surgery.
Academic Article Reply: Oncologic Safety and Surveillance of Autologous Fat Grafting following Breast Conservation Therapy.
Academic Article Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction.
Academic Article Autologous fat grafting in breast reconstruction: implications for follow-up and surveillance.
Academic Article Oncologic Safety of Autologous Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction.
Academic Article Review of Quantitative Imaging for Objective Assessment of Fat Grafting Outcomes in Breast Surgery.
Academic Article Autologous Fat Grafting for Oncologic Patients: A Literature Review.
Academic Article The Effect of Lipoaspirate Processing Technique on Complications in Autologous Fat Grafting for Breast Reconstruction: A Propensity Score Analysis Study.
Academic Article Perspectives on Breast Reconstruction Awareness from the Houston-Area Breast Reconstruction Awareness Symposium: Patient Education and Community Engagement.
Academic Article Autologous Breast Reconstruction Trends in the United States: Using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database.
Academic Article Long-term Quality of Life in Patients With Breast Cancer After Breast Conservation vs Mastectomy and Reconstruction.
Academic Article Considering Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy: A Patient Decision Aid Video and Workbook.
Academic Article Potential of Intraoperative 3D Photography and 3D Visualization in Breast Reconstruction.
Academic Article Breast Decisions: Recommender System for Appearance Counseling about Breast Reconstruction.
Academic Article Fewer Revisions in Abdominal-based Free Flaps than Latissimus Dorsi Breast Reconstruction after Radiation.
Academic Article Oncoplastic partial breast reconstruction: concepts and techniques.
Academic Article What Does "Dr. Google" Show Patients Searching for Breast Reconstruction Outcomes Photographs?
Academic Article To spare or not to spare rib: A survey on internal mammary vessel preparation in microsurgical breast reconstruction.
Academic Article Impact of implant-based breast reconstruction on bra fit.
Academic Article Objective Analysis of Breast Symmetry in Female Patients Undergoing Breast Reconstruction After Total Mastectomy.
Academic Article A Prospective, Randomized Comparison of Clinical Outcomes with Different Processing Techniques in Autologous Fat Grafting.
Academic Article Does a Latissimus Dorsi Flap Improve Surgical Outcomes of Implant-based Breast Reconstruction following Infected Device Explantation?
Academic Article Textbook outcomes in DIEP flap breast reconstruction: a Delphi study to establish consensus.
Academic Article Analysis of Breast Aesthetic Revision Procedures after Unilateral Abdominal-based Free-flap Breast Reconstruction: A Single-center Experience with 1251 Patients.
Academic Article Oncoplastic Techniques and Tricks to Have in Your Toolbox.
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