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Concept Brain Mapping
Academic Article Cortical neural populations can guide behavior by integrating inputs linearly, independent of synchrony.
Academic Article Network rhythms influence the relationship between spike-triggered local field potential and functional connectivity.
Academic Article Local cortical function after uncomplicated subdural electrode implantation. Laboratory investigation.
Academic Article No binocular rivalry in the LGN of alert macaque monkeys.
Academic Article The brain's visual world: representation of visual targets in cerebral cortex.
Academic Article Differences in gamma frequencies across visual cortex restrict their possible use in computation.
Academic Article Attentional modulation of MT neurons with single or multiple stimuli in their receptive fields.
Academic Article Attentional modulation of motion integration of individual neurons in the middle temporal visual area.
Academic Article Attentional modulation of visual motion processing in cortical areas MT and MST.
Academic Article State dependent activity in monkey visual cortex. II. Retinal and extraretinal factors in V4.
Academic Article Visual effects of lesions of cortical area V2 in macaques.
Academic Article Visual processing in monkey extrastriate cortex.
Academic Article Ventral posterior visual area of the macaque: visual topography and areal boundaries.
Academic Article The connections of the middle temporal visual area (MT) and their relationship to a cortical hierarchy in the macaque monkey.
Academic Article The middle temporal visual area in the macaque: myeloarchitecture, connections, functional properties and topographic organization.
Academic Article A strong constraint to the joint processing of pairs of cortical signals.
Academic Article Perceiving electrical stimulation of identified human visual areas.
Academic Article Computer-controlled electrical stimulation for quantitative mapping of human cortical function.
Academic Article Receptive fields in human visual cortex mapped with surface electrodes.
Academic Article Deficits in speed discrimination following lesions of the lateral suprasylvian cortex in the cat.
Academic Article Tuned normalization explains the size of attention modulations.
Academic Article Electrical microstimulation thresholds for behavioral detection and saccades in monkey frontal eye fields.
Academic Article Feature-based attention in visual cortex.
Academic Article Effects of attention on the processing of motion in macaque middle temporal and medial superior temporal visual cortical areas.
Academic Article The visual field representation in striate cortex of the macaque monkey: asymmetries, anisotropies, and individual variability.
Academic Article Two-dimensional maps of the cerebral cortex.
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