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Concept Potassium Channels
Concept Kv1.3 Potassium Channel
Concept Potassium Channel Blockers
Concept Potassium Channels, Tandem Pore Domain
Concept Shal Potassium Channels
Concept Potassium Channels, Voltage-Gated
Concept Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Concept Shab Potassium Channels
Academic Article K2P channels and their protein partners.
Academic Article Sumoylation silences the plasma membrane leak K+ channel K2P1.
Academic Article International Union of Pharmacology. LV. Nomenclature and molecular relationships of two-P potassium channels.
Academic Article A structural model for K2P potassium channels based on 23 pairs of interacting sites and continuum electrostatics.
Academic Article Alternative translation initiation in rat brain yields K2P2.1 potassium channels permeable to sodium.
Academic Article One SUMO is sufficient to silence the dimeric potassium channel K2P1.
Academic Article A designer ligand specific for Kv1.3 channels from a scorpion neurotoxin-based library.
Academic Article The membrane protein MiRP3 regulates Kv4.2 channels in a KChIP-dependent manner.
Academic Article Pentameric assembly of potassium channel tetramerization domain-containing protein 5.
Academic Article SUMO modification of cell surface Kv2.1 potassium channels regulates the activity of rat hippocampal neurons.
Academic Article I SA channel complexes include four subunits each of DPP6 and Kv4.2.
Academic Article MiRP3 acts as an accessory subunit with the BK potassium channel.
Academic Article K2P potassium channels, mysterious and paradoxically exciting.
Academic Article Kcne4 deletion sex- and age-specifically impairs cardiac repolarization in mice.
Academic Article Sodium leak through K2P potassium channels and cardiac arrhythmia, an emerging theme.
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