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Concept Brain Mapping
Academic Article Left hemisphere regions are critical for language in the face of early left focal brain injury.
Academic Article Imaging motor imagery: methodological issues related to expertise.
Academic Article Brain function overlaps when people observe emblems, speech, and grasping.
Academic Article Gesture in the developing brain.
Academic Article Action observation has a positive impact on rehabilitation of motor deficits after stroke.
Academic Article Virtual brain transplantation (VBT): a method for accurate image registration and parcellation in large cortical stroke.
Academic Article Somatotopy in human primary motor and somatosensory hand representations revisited.
Academic Article Complex motor function in humans: validating and extending the postulates of Alexandr R. Luria.
Academic Article Network activation during bimanual movements in humans.
Academic Article Computational modeling of resting-state activity demonstrates markers of normalcy in children with prenatal or perinatal stroke.
Academic Article Early Cerebellar Network Shifting in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 6.
Academic Article Mapping complementary features of cross-species structural connectivity to construct realistic "Virtual Brains".
Academic Article Determinants of structural segregation and patterning in the human cortex.
Academic Article One season of head-to-ball impact exposure alters functional connectivity in a central autonomic network.
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