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Concept Infertility, Female
Academic Article Living uterus donation and transplantation: experience of interest and screening in a single center in the United States.
Academic Article Preoperative psychological evaluation of uterus transplant recipients, partners, and living donors: Suggested framework.
Academic Article Rethinking the time interval to embryo transfer after uterus transplantation - DUETS (Dallas UtErus Transplant Study).
Academic Article DUETS (Dallas UtErus Transplant Study): Complete report of 6-month and initial 2-year outcomes following open donor hysterectomy.
Academic Article Limited Availability of Deceased Uterus Donors: A Transatlantic Perspective.
Academic Article Guidelines for standardized nomenclature and reporting in uterus transplantation: An opinion from the United States Uterus Transplant Consortium.
Academic Article Evolving ethical issues with advances in uterus transplantation.
Academic Article The Evolution of Transplantation From Saving Lives to Fertility Treatment: DUETS (Dallas UtErus Transplant Study).
Academic Article Clinicopathological Analysis of Uterine Allografts Including Proposed Scoring of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury and T-cell-mediated Rejection-Dallas UtErus Transplant Study: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Decisions on second pregnancy after uterus transplantation and timing for removal of the uterus-DUETS (Dallas UtErus Transplant Study).
Academic Article Clinical pregnancy rates and experience with in vitro fertilization after uterus transplantation: Dallas Uterus Transplant Study.
Academic Article Uterus transplantation: ethical considerations.
Academic Article Psychological Characteristics of Recipients Pretransplantation in the Dallas UtErus Transplant Study (DUETS).
Academic Article Uterus transplantation and pregnancy induction: Approved protocol at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.
Academic Article Options for acquiring motherhood in absolute uterine factor infertility; adoption, surrogacy and uterine transplantation.
Academic Article The journey from infertility to uterus transplantation: A qualitative study of the perspectives of participants in the Dallas Uterus Transplant Study.
Academic Article The History of Uterus Transplantation, Rewritten.

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