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overview Dr. Haider is an adult epileptologist and Director of Critical Care EEG at UChicago Medicine. She is interested in studying modifiable predictors of outcome in status epilepticus, and leveraging informatics and implementation science to optimize inpatient care for status epilepticus.

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Concept Electroencephalography
Academic Article American Clinical Neurophysiology Society's Standardized Critical Care EEG Terminology: 2021 Version.
Academic Article Association of an Electroencephalography-Based Risk Score With Seizure Probability in Hospitalized Patients.
Academic Article Association of Periodic and Rhythmic Electroencephalographic Patterns With Seizures in Critically Ill Patients.
Academic Article Deep active learning for Interictal Ictal Injury Continuum EEG patterns.
Academic Article Validation of the 2HELPS2B Seizure Risk Score in Acute Brain Injury Patients.
Academic Article A standardized nomenclature for spectrogram EEG patterns: Inter-rater agreement and correspondence with common intensive care unit EEG patterns.
Academic Article Comparison of machine learning models for seizure prediction in hospitalized patients.
Academic Article The use and yield of continuous EEG in critically ill patients: A comparative study of three centers.
Academic Article Assessment of the Validity of the 2HELPS2B Score for Inpatient Seizure Risk Prediction.
Academic Article Association of Epileptiform Abnormality on Electroencephalography with Development of Epilepsy After Acute Brain Injury.
Academic Article Sensitivity of quantitative EEG for seizure identification in the intensive care unit.
Academic Article Electroencephalography in epilepsy: look for what could be beyond the visual inspection.
Academic Article In reply.
Academic Article Intracortical electroencephalography in acute brain injury.
Academic Article In reply.
Academic Article Interrater reliability of ICU EEG research terminology.
Academic Article Treatment of status epilepticus.

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